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Three Kids Share a Colorful Room with Triple Bunk Beds

triple bunk beds for boys room
Update: As featured in Apartment Therapy, Megan and David Zietz just revealed their full-home makeover. Read: This Family of Five’s Small NYC Home Is Full of Smart Renter-Friendly and Storage Ideas

When her youngest son outgrew his toddler bed, Mom Megan Zietz knew it was time to research bunk beds that slept all three of her kids. Since they shared a bedroom in their small NYC apartment, the options were going to be limited. However, with her eye for design and ability to maximize space, Megan knew the stacked triple bunk bed would give the kids' room a more organized, cohesive feel. After researching extensively on Pinterest, she found the Holy - our best selling triple bunk bed for three! That's the perfect number of beds for her kids - Aiden 12, Evan 10, and Indy 4. Shop Megan's Collection.
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Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

Megan loves to incorporate color into her home designs, creating adventure and fun for those who will enjoy it. She is known for her ability to make spaces exciting and bright - just like her iconic bright red hair. As the founder of, which covers a variety of lifestyle, decor and travel trends, she felt positioned well to transform her kids' room into a functional space for the next phase in their lives. See their original room:
shared boys room with toddler bed and bunk bed
After changing out the beds, and combining all three into one, the boys were left with plenty of space to play and have fun. Megan even chose under-bed storage drawers to help keep the room tidy. The ability to put three beds and a dresser into one bunk configuration was the key to success for her room design. Hear more from Megan and shop her selections in her curated collection with Maxtrix.
three bunk beds with storage
2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer

2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer

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Why Megan Chose Stacked Triple Bunk Beds 

When I was searching for triple bunk bed ideas on Pinterest, Maxtrix kept coming up in every search, and after I decided to check them out, I knew these were the one. We've been through a couple of bunk beds, and I knew exactly what I did and didn't want when it came to beds for the kids room. Maxtrix beds were sleek, they looked solid and well built. I spent hours on the site researching before I decided they checked all of the boxes for me. 
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Living in the NYC space is tight, especially in the kids' room, so we asked them if they wanted more space to sleep or more space to play. It came down to them wanting more room to spread out to play, so with our high ceilings, we decided to go up! We previously had a bunk bed with trundle, and it wasn't for us. I wanted something that was going to be off the ground completely, and the triple stacked bunk was the best (and only) bunk bed option out there. 
triple bunks with storage

My expectations were blown out of the water. Everything from design, quality, timeframe and friendliness of staff was 100% amazing. We were able to add drawers onto the design to give us extra storage space, which is a huge bonus for small spaces. I never thought I would look at a bunk bed and say "Chef's Kiss" but every single detail - including the shipping and instructions - was perfection. I wouldn't change a single thing, and other furniture brands need to take notes. 
storage drawers under triple bunk

It took about 6 hours from start to finish because it is a tiny room but after we got it set up it was worth the hours put in. When David (my husband) discovered that it didn't make a single creaking sound when climbing up the ladder our minds were blown. It's a solid piece of furniture. Yet it can easily be pushed across the room if we get the itch to do a little rearranging. 
triple bunk bed small room

I love that we can take it apart or add to it. I think that's what really makes the bed - it's not just a one and done kind of deal. It has the potential to grow with you and your needs. And to me that's truly incredible. 
triple bunks in small room

I would say Maxtrix is a sound investment. Sure, you can find some 'cute' bunk beds from big retailers, but the quality and peace of mind isn't going to come with it like it does with Maxtrix. For example: A piece of their previous $1000 bunk bed broke off within a week of receiving the bed, and we were completely out of luck. The quality just wasn't there compared to Maxtrix, and we were just one of millions of customers, so it didn't really matter to make it right.
solid triple bed
After my experience with Maxtrix, I don't foresee myself ever going with another bed brand for the kids. Also, just look at this bed, it's beautiful.  
boys room triple bunk beds

Unique Triple and Quad Bunks Sleep Many

Megan's "Holy" stacked triple is just one of many designs and styles available for sleeping many in one shared bedroom (shop her full room collection). From corner loft and bunks to long quads with staircases in between, there are many durable and unique kids beds that work for almost any room length or height. For a custom look, contact the Maxtrix design team to ensure the best selection for your space and kids' needs/ages. 

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Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

1 Drawer Nightstand with Shelf

1 Drawer Nightstand with Shelf

2111-001 : Accessories Tray & Beverage Holder, Natural

Tray & Beverage Holder

2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer

2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer

2130-001 : Accessories Magazine Rack, Natural

Magazine Rack

TRIPLEX NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Full Triple Bunk Bed with Straight Ladders on Front, Slat, Natural

Full Triple Bunk with Ladders


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