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Toddler Bed Transforms into Low Loft Bed with Curtains

Toddler Bed Transforms into Low Loft Bed with Curtains
We first met Harrison as an energetic two-year-old toddler who loved his first "big boy" room staring his initial Maxtrix basic bed in chestnut. Mom, Chelsea Powers, really believed in the Maxtrix System and purchased his toddler bed with the intent to transform it into different designs as Harrison got older. Within 18 months, Chelsea has already changed the look of the bed a couple of times with new bedside storage and guard rails to eventually an elevated low loft bed with underbed play curtains. Take a look at the different bed stages and hear from Mom, Chelsea, directly, and easily shop all of these looks in Harrison's new Collection!

Harrison's first room:

Now with added bedside tray:

And now his upgraded low loft with underbed curtains! 

low loft bed with ladder and curtains

Mom Chelsea Powers Shares Her Story

We decided to purchase Maxtrix for our son because the beds seem very sturdy and have many options for configurations, which is amazing for the small space we live in currently. 
low loft for toddler
It was pretty easy to reconfigure his twin bed into a Low Loft. In fact, it only took an hour max to get his bed set up. 
low loft bed with curtains for small space
While we likely won't change the low loft into another configuration at our current location, we do plan on changing up what's underneath his loft! It's great to know Maxtrix has study desks and storage options like dressers and toy boxes. We'll make a decision once we move into our new space! 
low loft bed with curtains
My product expectations throughout the changes have been met and my son loves his bed!
low loft bed boys room
Maxtrix is an amazing company that provides so many configurations for your needs. I'm so happy that they provide so many options, which makes my life easier knowing I can do so much with the bed he has now. It can easily be changed into something different down the road without having to buy a whole new bed set! Thank you, Maxtrix!
low loft bed with curtains

Shop Harrison's Collection or Design Your Own

We've gathered all of his furniture components and inspired looks into a shoppable collection! Take a look at Harrison's selections and let us know if you need help creating the perfect design for your toddler or kid's room. Our design team is available to answer questions about bed size, scale and age appropriateness.