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The Ultimate Quad Bunk Bed that Sleeps Four!

The Ultimate Quad Bunk Bed that Sleeps Four!

Are you ready to see what one of our corner bunk beds for four looks like in a room setting? Many have asked us to show the scale of our quad bunk beds, and we are thrilled to be able to share our latest setup. We partnered with Barefoot Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC, to show beach or vacation homeowners AND parents of multiple kids how to setup the perfect shared bedroom. Just take a look!

As corner bunk beds for four, you can easily sleep kids or adults very comfortably. This specialty bunk is amazing because it is essentially a custom-built bed for your home. You can choose from three finishes - white, natural or chestnut - and three bed end styles - slat, panel or curved. In this room, we are featuring our panels in white.

Benefits of Owning a Quadruple Bunk Bed

For starters, there are two great chances to sleep on a top bunk! Have older children, teens or adults sleep elevated while keeping the younger ones on the two bottom bunks for safety and security. Plus, raising two beds up high and keeping two below in a corner bunk bed style frees up a lot of floor space in a bedroom, which means there is square footage left to walk and move around in.

Climbing safely is always a concern for parents. We've taken this into consideration and built our solid wood beds with extra safety features. You can choose from three different ways to climb (confirguring your child's bed to your room specifications and needs). The Quad Bunk Bed features one staircase and one angled ladder. With the staircase, you're also getting several pullout storage drawers (a neat little way to store extra items in a room that sleeps four!) Angled ladder steps have foot grooves and hand rails for safe climbing. Like what you see here? You can shop that exact configuration called the Quadquadruple corner bunk bedThe Quad is a twin sized bunk bed. There are, however, other bed size options with Maxtrix. You can shop four full sized bed, four twins, or combine it with two twins and two fulls! Your custom kids beds options are endless with Maxtrix. Just contact our design team to get started. quad bunk beds with straight laddersDon't have the space for the side staircase? We have you covered with the Quattro. It's a high corner bed with a straight and angled ladder.

If space allows, and you prefer to show two bunk beds side-by-side, we also have a very different bed configuration to sleep four. Add a staircase in between the beds for climbing and storing! The Wonderful is a twin stacked, quad bunk with staircase. Make it a twin-over-full quad stacked bunk with the Big Bang - an in-house favorite!. Or, stack them in an l-shaped design as seen in this Lake Marion Home. An even larger option is our twin xl over queen quad bunk bed
twin over full quad bunk bed with stairs
quadruple bunk beds l shaped twin over fulltwin xl over queen quad bunk bed with stairs twin xl quad bunk bed

How to Stack Two Separate Bunk Beds Beside Each Other

If you have the space and want two separate bunk beds that can be moved to different spaces over time, we recommend stacking two twin, full, XL or Queen bunks in your home. The Plush Twin XL over Queen is a great example of how two beds accommodate four (or six with trundles).Twin XL over Queen Bunk Beds

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The Quad is one of many unique bed configurations we've created as the kid's furniture experts. We have many other unique designs that sleep three, four or more. Take a look, get inspired, and let us know if you want to create a customized design. Shop all Unique Beds.unique beds design team

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