6 Cool Loft Beds With Stairs and Storage

Solid wood loft bed with desk, stairs, and storage

Is the constant struggle to keep your kid's room organized turning into a daily challenge? We get it – with kids being kids, maintaining a tidy space can feel like an ongoing battle. At Maxtrix, we believe that the right furniture can turn this challenge into a breeze. Our cool loft beds with stairs and storage are the solution every parent dreams of for creating an organized and clutter-free kids' room. Let's dive into how these Maxtrix loft beds for kids not only address the chaos but also add a touch of excitement and functionality to your child's bedroom.

The Star: Study, Store, and Sleep in One Spot

Meet the Star, a children’s loft bed that truly lives up to its name. This study and storage twin loft bed’s long desk provides the perfect space for kids to spread out and tackle homework, engage in art projects, or enjoy computer time. Homework has never been so much fun with this bed!Twin loft bed with desk and two dressersThe youth loft bed with desk comes complete with two kids’ dressers and four steps that double as drawers, offering ample space to store school supplies, art materials, extra bedding, and more. Kids have space to store more toys and parents don’t have to worry about their room being cluttered – a win for the whole family. The stairs conveniently amp up your storage while making it even easier for your little one to climb into bed. The Star is not just a loft bed and storage; it's a space-saving haven for creativity and organization that both kids and parents will love.

The Star XL: Stretch Out in This Studious Storage Loft

For growing kids and teenagers who need a bit more space, we present the Star XL. This Maxtrix loft bed with steps is an excellent choice for those seeking a longer bed. No more worries about taller kids outgrowing their bed – this one offers lots of room to grow. The staircase design of this solid wood loft bed includes four storage steps and a 3-drawer nightstand, perfect for stowing away clothes, extra bedding, and other essentials. Plus, kids and teens can store everything they need to cram for that next big test in this bed’s convenient 3-shelf bookcase. The Star XL is a stylish and functional loft bed for teens, kids, and every age in between.loft staircase step as a storage drawer

The Enormous: Fit Everything Under Your Full Loft Bed

The Enormous is all about maximizing space and storage. This full loft bed frame features storage steps and a corner desk design that leaves lots of underbed space to store larger or taller items. Not just your ordinary loft bed, this Maxtrix bed is a game-changer. Plus, for taller kids or teenagers, we've got you covered with the full XL version. It offers plenty of space to stretch out for a good night’s sleep while storing bedtime essentials underneath.

With its unique design and Maxtrix’s RockLock technology that makes it extra sturdy, the Enormous not only adds style but also brings functionality to the forefront, making it the perfect choice for any bedroom.Full-size loft bed with desk and stairs

The Galant: Twin Stair Loft Bed with Drawers Galore

Get ready to be impressed by the Galant. This medium-height loft bed with drawers is the ultimate storage style. Featuring eight spacious bedroom dresser drawers and four storage steps, all your storage needs neatly fit right underneath the bed, leaving the room feeling super spacious. With the Galant, you’ll never run out of drawer space. This twin loft bed with storage is a fantastic choice for those who appreciate an organized and clutter-free environment, with room to spare for additional furniture like a desk.mid height loft bed with storage dressers

The Great: Low Loft with Lots of Versatility and Storage

If you're looking for a twin low loft bed with storage, the Great is the one for you. This bed offers plenty of drawer space with an underbed solid wood dresser with six drawers and three storage steps. Not only does it keep kids’ rooms clutter-free, but its low loft bed design is perfect for your younger kids, easy to climb with sturdy stairs and equipped with guard rails for safe and sound snoozes.

For your little bookworm or artist, transform this bed into a low loft with desk. Just switch out the 6-drawer dresser for four smaller drawers, three shelves, and a desk underneath bed that pulls out when it’s homework time and slides back under when you’re done. This loft bed and desk combo is a great way to save floor space while still having a convenient study spot.Low loft bed with storage and stairs

The Stellar: Bonus Bunk That Stores While Sleeping More

Need two beds instead of one? Enter the Stellar, a twin over twin bunk bed with storage drawers to discreetly store all your belongings. This solid wood bunk bed with stairs includes four storage steps where kids can easily climb up while tucking away their prized possessions.Twin over twin bunk bed with stairs and underbed drawersHave kids who share a room? Love to host sleepovers? No problem! The Stellar provides double the sleep space of a loft bed without compromising on the extra storage that a loft bed offers. Get the best of both worlds with this bestselling Maxtrix bunk bed. If you need one more, optional accommodation, add a trundle bed to the Stellar!bunk bed with stairs and trundle in white finish

Create Your Own Custom Storage Loft

With the Maxtrix system, the largest kids’ furniture system in the world, the possibilities for a custom bed are endless. You can create your own custom loft bed with storage by choosing from a variety of underbed options, including dressers, bookcases, desks, and cubes. Our modular approach allows you to design the perfect custom kids’ bed that suits your child's unique needs and preferences. Unleash your creativity and discover how to create your own custom loft bed with stairs, storage, and whatever other features you made need using the Maxtrix system.

With Maxtrix, you never have to settle for a kids’ bed that’s just “good enough” – our solid wood beds check all the boxes, and if you don’t find one you love, you can create your own. Elevate your kids’ room to new heights – both literally and figuratively – with our quality solid wood furniture. Explore our wide range of options (or create your own) and create a space that sparks joy and creativity in your child's everyday life. Contact our friendly customer care team today to get started on your journey to a more organized and stylish kid's room.

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