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Best Kids Toy Storage Solutions: Maxtrix Toy Boxes, Chests, Benches & Organizers

Best Kids Toy Storage Solutions: Maxtrix Toy Boxes, Chests, Benches & Organizers
The year is off to a great start - but the holiday clutter has to go! And when the weather is anything but inviting, it's the perfect time to get started on spring cleaning. If you have little ones under 10, toy organization is likely top of mind - there is nothing like new toys to add a huge amount of clutter to children's bedrooms and playrooms.

Let's talk top kids toy storage solutions. We've just released our latest toy boxes, toy chests, two drawer storage units, benches with seat pads and stack-able units with some great key features:

Arrange them YOUR way.
Make any kind of configuration you want with our storage boxes as they easily stack to function according to your needs. All toy chests and boxes are available in three finishes - white, chestnut and natural.

Open from the Top or Front
Little ones will appreciate how quick toy cleanup is with our patent pending dual opening system.

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A hydraulic arm slot lowers the front opening so they can easily place or slide (mine will probably shove...) toys in without standing up.

Front Opening Toy Chest
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Make it a Bench
Add a cozy cushion to turn it into a bench. Our reversible toy chest seat pads are available in a few different colors, and they go perfectly with kids table and chair sets.

Pink & Purple Seat Pad for Toy Box
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Blue Seat Pad for Toy Box
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Connect to the Bed
Our two drawer units as well as our toy boxes can be stacked or integrated into your child's loft bed end for lots of storage options. Over time you can easily change your configuration.

Chestnut Two Drawer Unit
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Avoid Hurting Fingers
All of our toy storage chests are safe for little hands. The small gap at the top avoids pinching fingers so young ones can clean safely.

Natural Toy Box
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Add Your Things!
Even Mom & Dad will be satisfied with our storage solutions. Our toy chests easily convert to great mudroom or closet storage. So, grab one for yourself as well!

Storage for All
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Clean up Quickly! Quick toy cleanup time means more play time for kids, so they'll appreciate our toy boxes just as much as you.

And, there's more! Now we offer even more toy storage that you can mix and match with your kid's room or playroom!

See all of our toy storage configurations, or speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to help you design the right solution for beautifully organized kids' rooms and playrooms. :)