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Perfect for Younger Children. Only 50.75” tall, whether you choose a twin or full size Low Loft Bed.

We Love Low Lofts!

Kids love sleeping up high, parents think safety first – so we created the Low Loft Bed! It’s the perfect intro to a raised bed, ideal for small rooms and young children.


Choose size, finish, bed end style, even entrance! Short on storage? Check out our Low Loft Bed with Stairs, where each step doubles as a deep drawer. Need space to snuggle? Opt for a Full Low Loft Bed, perfect for reading bedtime stories.

Space Saving

Our Low Loft Bed for Kids offers space for sleep, study and play. Add cute under bed curtains, matching dressers or bookshelves or a desk.


A great bed for little ones; but designed to easily convert into a taller loft, a bunk or standard bed as kids + families grow. It’s a Low Loft Bed full of possibilities!