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Under Bed Curtains for Your Kid's Bed - Low, Medium or High!

Under Bed Curtains for Your Kid's Bed - Low, Medium or High!
Did you know that we have curtains for any size Maxtrix bunk bed or loft bed - low, medium or tall? With more color combinations and styles to choose from, you're going to love shopping for under-bed curtains. Bright colors and designs create a touch of fun flair for any kid's room. Plus, you're set with durable, well-made curtains that create play rooms today but can easily be taken down without hurting the wood when your child is older.

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We have several fabric color combinations that fit the design palette of any kid's room - boy or girl! Here are a few staff favorites!

Fabrics - Collage
Soft Pink, Hot Pink, White
Blue, Red, Grey
Blue, Light Blue, Orange
Purple, Grey, Hot Pink

Low Lofts with Curtains

These curtains have always added an element of indoor fun for any Maxtrix low loft. Preschoolers love tents and forts where they can play hide-and-seek. Topping the list of our very popular low lofts with under-bed curtains are the Yang & Easy Rider.

Easy Rider
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See more low loft options with play curtains here.

Mid Bunks with Curtains

A best seller of Maxtrix is the mid high bunk bed with either a straight or angled ladder called the "Get It" or the "Got It". We love how cool it looks with curtains - particularly with our new grey color combinations - for your elementary aged children.

Natural Bunk with Play Curtain
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There are so many more mid loft or bunk bed options to choose from - shop mid lofts or mid bunk beds.

High Bunks with Curtains

Our curtain extensions allow you to take the look to our high bunks and mid lofts! Simply add our Mid Loft Strips to our regular curtains to get the height you need for a tall bunk! Take a look at how amazing these fabrics look on our brand new - and fast selling - Poof.

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Quick Buying Guide for Maxtrix Under Bed Curtains

Since there are so many options, here's a quick shopping guide to direct you to the right size curtains:
  • - Low Lofts, Low Bunks, Mid Bunks: Purchase regular under-bed curtains listed as "Low Loft" or "Under Bed Curtain"
  • - Mid Lofts & High Bunks: Look at either our "Mid Loft Curtain Extension" or "Mid Loft Under Bed Curtain"
And, remember, just like our beds, our curtains can also grow up with your child. If you already have a Maxtrix low loft and are looking to convert it to a mid or high loft or bunk, simply get the appropriate leg extenders and add a mid loft curtain strip in the same color combination. This is how easy it is to let your bed grow with your child!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.09.41 AM
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If you'd like help customizing your new or current Maxtrix bed, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. We'll ensure you're getting exactly the right under-bed curtains for your bed. Live chat with us or email!