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Twelve Kids Bedroom Ideas for Indoor Fun

Twelve Kids Bedroom Ideas for Indoor Fun
We're in the thick of cold, wintery weather with many experiencing huge amounts of snow, below freezing temperatures and school and work closures. While it's great to enjoy some extra family time, with too much snow around cabin fever can set in quickly! So how do you best get rid of all that pent up energy, inspire your kids to use their imaginations, and better yet, let them play freely?

How their bedrooms are set up will help make these days 'stuck at home' a lot more enjoyable! So, let's talk about furniture selection for your boy's or girl's room. What should you include for maximum indoor functionality and fun? How can you set up your home better for a long, cold winter?

Kids Bedroom Furniture Arrangements

Forts. Castles. Tents. Snow days - or hot summer days! - can be spent inside. Just select the right furniture setup and accessories.

Starting with a slide bed... because I wish I had that as a child! ;)

Boys Fort Bed with Slide
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Make it a knight's or Princess castle with some fun towers and top tents!

Boys Castle Bed
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Girls Princess Bed
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My kids love to play together and read to each other. I like how this top bunk makes it fun so they can read 'up high'.

Boys Natural Bunks
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Crafting, coloring, designing and studying are made possible with the right kids desk or play table with chairs.

Girls Purple Room with Desk
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Boys Low Loft with Storage
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Boys Room with Play Table

Tea parties, anyone? The toy chest makes a perfect bench for this play table.

Girls Tea Party
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Why not a sleepover? If they are going to be stuck inside, might as well have the friends over! I like how this trundle bed can be tucked away easily when unused.

Girls Bunk with Trundle
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Toddlers? Young kiddos in the house? Make it safe and happy with a daybed.

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Girls Daybed
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Even teenagers can have their fun. Bunks for tweens or teens give them private space for all the calls made while stuck inside!

Girls Teen Bunkbeds
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So if you are stuck inside, now is a great time to plan for the next time cabin fever sets in!