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Top Play Beds for Kids - Fun Environments for Boys & Girls Rooms

Top Play Beds for Kids - Fun Environments for Boys & Girls Rooms
We think kids should LOVE going to bed. (Parents, we have you in mind, here!) Why not consider a "play bed" for kids? Think about it - your son will love his room with a boy's fort as a bed. And, your daughter? Pink rooms are popular with girl's princess beds.

Fun Play Beds for Kids from Maxtrix

What is a play bed exactly? We like to think about them as theme beds with a lot of fun factor. Start with a basic bed like a toddler bed, a loft bed (low, mid or high depending on your child's age - see our loft bed buying guide) or bunk bed (bunk buying guide here) and then add some flair - tents, towers, canopies, curtains, flags, and, of course, slides!

Kids Play Beds
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The beauty of a Maxtrix Play bed is that you can re-configure it over time and the accessories are interchangeable. This means, while buying a 'theme bed', your child's room will never go out of style. You can customize it for each stage. Young toddlers often love the top tent over a daybed while teenagers opt for high lofts without curtains or tents. With Maxtrix®, you can keep the same bed and convert it over time - so even though your child won't want to play princess or knight anymore, the bed can last them all the way to college!

Castle Beds for Kids with Towers, Tents & Curtains

Fabric accessories and bed add-ons like towers, tents and curtains when bundled together make the perfect castle bed. We offer many fabric colors and choices - feel free to contact our customer service team for design assistance.

Kids Castle Beds
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Note: All of our fabrics are made of 100% cotton and have been pre-washed several times. We love using cotton, because it's a natural material, it looks and feels beautiful and is gentle on the skin & breathable.

If you don't want ALL of the accessories, you can minimize the look by opting for only the top tent or bottom curtains. These fun elements work with our bunk beds and our kids loft beds.
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