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Little Girl's Bedroom Furniture System in Action

Little Girl's Bedroom Furniture System in Action
Is it time to makeover your little girl's bedroom? Here's a room she'll love now… and later! The Maxtrix System - also available for boys - grows up with your little girl.

So, what exactly is a furniture system? Think about it this way: Start with a bed for your child, and then choose from an extensive selection of components and add on's like tents, curtains, towers, slides, ladders, storage, trundle and desks - the possibilities are endless! Each component can be changed over time so the room grows up with your child and adjusts to his or her needs (while adding a lot of fun).

Here's how it works. Let's open the door to Lilly's Room. Watch her room transform...

Starting with a Single Bed.

Add a play tent and under-bed storage.

It's Princess tower time with a slide.

Convert this loft bed with built-in stairs & under-bed play space.

Add storage and a study desk for your now student.

No matter the stage of your child's development, she will have the perfect room - from toddler to tween to teen - for playing, reading, exploring and studying.

Take a look at this little animation for a complete look at how our furniture system will work for her as she grows up... all the way to college. And, the best part is that you can choose from several fabric colors and three wood stains to make it her own. She'll love this furniture forever!