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goldilocks2wc-1310-fulldress2131 toddler-blonde-girl School Girl

Start Young

The bed your little Princess has been dreaming about: The Maxtrix® Princess Poster Day Bed! Dress it up with cute pillows and a mattress cover for a beautiful girly look.

hothotwc-2x11-1600w-10w0006 blonde-girl Tweens

Watch Them Grow

When it's time for the little sister to move in, simply add another Maxtrix® bed and create a cute and super-girly bunk

kicks1lwc-73-0620 blonde-teen Teen

Make it Last

Finally got her own room? The same bed can easily convert into a grown up storage loft with plenty of space for all the accessories of teenage life

natural-wood-bunk-bed blonde-toddler-boy1 School

Start Young

Boys love Bunks, and this Maxtrix® Bunk is perfect for boys - specifically designed to be super safe and rock solid

natural-wood-l-shape-bed-2 boy-brunette Teen

Watch Them Grow

Bigger Boys need space and storage options. Simply re-configure the 2 Maxtrix® beds into this smart L - shaped setup and add casegoods

greatnp2x3-0413-copy brunette-teen-boy College

Make it Last

When it's time for college, why not take along your Maxtrix® bed. Convert your bed into a High Loft, perfect for small spaces

purple-staircase-loft-bed-2 brunette-toddler-girl School

Start Young

This Maxtrix Staircase Mid Loft Bed combines a sturdy staircase with extra storage with the fun factor of an under-bed curtain

purple-bunk-bed-2 brunette-girl Teen

Watch them grow

Create a Bunk Bed Paradise for your girls by simply adding another Maxtrix bed, and re-using the same curtain. Add a trundle to create the perfect sleepover solution.

purple-high-loft-bed-2 brunette-teen-girl College

Make it last

When the Big Sister finally gets her own room, she can take her Maxtrix Bed along! Add extra storage and a desk to create the perfect "grown up" study environment

toddler-bed-chestnut-boys-red-and-blue brunette-toddler-boy School

Start young

Ready for the first bog boy bed? The Maxtrix Bed is great for toddlers: Super safe and extra cozy with optional top-tent

wow-30-cp blonde-boy Teen

Watch them grow

Lift up the bed with leg extensions and add a few accessories to make his own knights castle loft bed, complete with flags and turrets

kicks-1l-cp-2 blond-teen-boy College

Make it last

Grown out of the knight battles? Simply take off the turrets and slide and convert the very same bed into this stylish study loft with plenty of storage.

chestnut-and-pink-loft-bed toddler-blonde-girl Toddler

Start young

The Maxtrix Day Bed makes an excellent transition bed from Crib to "Big Girl Bed". It's the core building block for many possible combinations and can transform to suit her needs all the way through to college!

chestnut-bunk-bed blonde-girl School

Watch them grow

Simply lift up the same Maxtrix bed to create this cute Low Loft Bed. Add a tower and slide for extra fun value!

staircase-bunk-bed-chestnut blonde-teen Tween

Make it last

Grown out of the Princess Phase? Simply take off the tower and slide and create a cute Loft Bed.

mishnp-2-half-fulldress-copy blonde-toddler-boy1 School

Start young

Boys love Bunks, and this Maxtrix® Bunk is perfect for boys - specifically designed to be super safe and rock solid

wiggle2323-copy boy-brunette Teen

Watch them grow

Boys love Bunks, and this Maxtrix® Bunk is perfect for boys - specifically designed to be super safe and rock solid

master3lnp-dressed-rt-copy brunette-teen-boy College

Make it last

Boys love Bunks, and this Maxtrix® Bunk is perfect for boys - specifically designed to be super safe and rock solid

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The Maxtrix® kid's furniture system is made to last from solid hardwood, and easily adjusts so you can optimize the space, design and fun factor at every stage of your child’s development from toddler through tween to teen.

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