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The Maxtrix System

Why Maxtrix Kids Furniture? ...and How to get started!

Welcome to the world's largest kid's furniture system! Wow, that can be overwhelming to think about, right? While the choices and configuration options are practically endless, it's actually quite easy to create the bedroom of your (or your child's) dreams. And of course we will do our part to make the process si... Read More


Kids Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Bunks are a fun and space efficient way to create comfy sleeping quarters. Kids love sleeping in bunks – they get all the benefit of good company, and the comfort and individual style of their own bed.

But, while you begin your bunk bed search, know that there is a... Read More

slide beds

Kids Love Slide Beds! Shop Top Selling Bunks & Lofts with Slides!

Why climb down from your bed when you can SLIDE?! That's guaranteed kid fun all year long. Think of it as an indoor playground - a slide bed is guaranteed to add that instant cool factor to any child's bedroom. Children love sliding out of bed, and even going TO bed just got so much more fun (yes, that is possible!). I... Read More


Your Guide to Selecting the Best Toddler Bed

I remember hearing the soft sound of pitter-patter steps down our long hallway for the first time. It was that anxious moment when we realized our ‘baby’ had outgrown his crib and literally climbed out of it. (Thank God he didn’t get hurt!!) Making his way to us, we knew he was no longer the small infant we wou... Read More


Ready for School: Picking the Right Kid's Desk

Getting ready for school is so exciting - there are lots of supplies and accessories to shop for and working through the shopping lists can get quite overwhelming. So no wonder many parents completely forget some of the basic home essentials to create a productive study environment for your child.

Like th... Read More


How to Shop for a Kids or Toddler Mattress

OK, so you found the perfect kids bed for your boy or girl, and now it's time to find the perfect mattress. It may not be as exciting, in fact, shopping for mattresses can be very complicated – there are lots of brands, options and sales messages.

As adults we spend a lot of time trying out many before ... Read More

i lovehow it looks!- maxtrixcustomer

Accessorize! Kids Bedroom Furniture Accessories: Knobs, Seat Pads, Bed Finials

We all know details matter. Quality bedroom furniture is an obvious must for your kid's bedroom, but the small accessories make these pieces shine. Be unique, customize and add flair with some of our top selling furniture accessories like knobs, Read More

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Turn your kids room into an indoor playground

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Plenty of room to study and store!

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Maxtrix beds are incredibly versatile to fit into almost any space

Lots of Kids
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Discover lots of options for combining 2,3,4 or more beds into great bunk solutions

Slide Beds
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Make them look forward to bedtime with these super fun ideas

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The Maxtrix® kid's furniture system is made to last from solid hardwood, and easily adjusts so you can optimize the space, design and fun factor at every stage of your child’s development from toddler through tween to teen.

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