Toddler Beds

Accessorize your Toddler Bed!

Adding cute details to your toddler bed is what it's all about. Create a stylish focal point in your toddlers room and make it work for snuggle and sleep time, so everyone looks forward to going to bed!

Make it Comfy

Add the right mattress, pillows and other comfy accessories to create a soft & snugly environment for your toddler.

Add lots of room for Toys and Books

Storage is often a big concern and rightfully so - you will need lots of space to store toys and books! Make clean-up a Breeze with these great storage solutions to add to your toddler room

And when they grow out of their Toddler Beds? Double it up, Lift it up, Mix it up!

Maxtrix is a system. That means you can "grow up" your toddler bed to turn into any of the Maxtrix bed combinations you can discover on this site. Simply add Leg extensions, slides, towers, play curtains or study and storage items to create the perfect bedroom all the way through to college. With quality hardwood furniture built to last, and investment in a Maxtrix toddler bed is an excellent value.