Smiles all around with the "Jolly" Bunk Bed with Slide

Every kid smiles when he or she walks into a room with the Jolly. What's not to love about a bunk bed? But, combine it with a SLIDE and we're talking pure excitement for your child! There's just something amazing about sliding out of bed in the mornings. Indoor fun means more time that your kids will have a safe place to play any day of the year! We also know there are parents out there who love bunk beds for their play rooms. The Jolly is the perfect selection. See what we mean?

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First, we have to focus on the slide. Our color coordinating slides can be added to any low or medium loft or bunk bed so your child can glide down to start their fun day. We're showing a white finish here, but you can also get the Jolly in natural or chestnut. The slide is sturdy construction with a curved landing zone and extra high side panels. This makes sliding safe and comfortable! There is an extra "bump" at the bottom of this slide due to the height of the bed, but if you choose a lower height bed, the base of the slide would not have it.

Speaking of safety, the straight ladder has extra deep and grooved steps that make getting in and out of bed safe and easy.

Our ladders are designed so that your child never gets trapped between the lower steps.

Once on the top bunk, our extra tall guard rails will ensure your child sleeps comfortably and safely. Combined with our Maxtrix low profile mattresses - specifically designed for elevated beds like lofts and bunk beds with slides - that extra space will keep your child moving across the bed to the slide with more protection.

We know sharing rooms are so much fun for children. The bottom bunk of the bed is the perfect spot for quality time like reading books together. The Jolly is a twin-sized bunk bed with slide but you can also get it in a full size!

Add an under-bed storage option for toys, books and stuffed animals!

Have a smaller bedroom? Low ceilings? We are proud to offer three heights for our bunk beds. The Jolly is the happy medium, measuring 66.25" height.

And, as always, remember you can change the configuration of your Maxtrix bunk bed with slide at any time. You can place the slide on the right or left side of the bunk. When your child outgrows the slide, simply take it off and replace the side guardrail! Or, separate the bunks into two separate single beds. It's that simple with the Maxtrix System. Ready to shop the Jolly? We've got you covered!

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