A Low Loft Bed with Stairs that Delivers

Little ones love the idea of an elevated bed, but parents usually err on the side of caution. So, we created a very safe, low-to-the-ground option that works for both Mom/Dad AND son/daughter. Meet the "Great" low loft with staircase. It's available in white, natural and chestnut finishes, and it JUST might be the perfect addition to the summer refresh your child's room needs before Back to School.

Why is this low loft bed with stairs so awesome? Here are 5 quick reasons:

1- Staircases are the safest way for your child to climb.

If your child's room affords you the space to add a staircase to the end of the low loft, then we highly recommend a staircase entry. It's the safest option out there as it not only provides the largest surface to step on, it also has a built-in sturdy handrail. (Here are the differences and pros/cons between staircases and ladders.)


2- It's easier to change the sheets on this low loft!

The combination of the low height on this bed + the staircase side entry will have parents rejoicing when it's time to change the sheets. It's easier to reach the top of a low loft bunk as it only sits X off the ground plus the stairs make it easier to climb and give parents extra space to tuck sheets and comforters under the mattress. (Tip: use a low profile mattress for extra safety and convenience!)


3- The space underneath maximizes bedroom space.

Guest bedrooms and kid's rooms are often small with limited square footage. Make the most of every inch with the Great low loft. You can add dressers, desks, bookcases or toy storage underneath this low loft. There are dozens of options, and we have a guide that helps you create the perfect storage loft bed configuration.


Here are four of our favorite functional looks:

White Loft Collage

4 - Staircase drawers add storage!

Did you know that each stair step is a drawer on the Great? That's like having a dresser or toy bins attached to your bed! Each drawer is very deep, capable of holding clothing, toys, books, electronics or small sports equipment. Kids will enjoy cleaning up their rooms when they have a quick, easy place to store their belongings. (Read why storage lofts work and what to consider.)


5 - Change this bed easily over time. It's the perfect stepping stone!

We think the Great is the perfect bed for an elementary aged child. We usually recommend elevated beds for boys and girls age 6 or older (although you know your child best). But, the Great can quickly convert into medium high loft, high or ultra high loft with our leg extenders. In fact, the "Star" is our most popular High Loft with staircase:

maxwood furniture -¬ king street studios-130  retouched
shop the Star & High Lofts with Stairs

So, this Great low loft.... becomes this Star high loft!

Great - Low to High
Not looking to elevate the bed in the future? Consider a low "l-shaped loft bed" or "corner loft bed" for sleepovers, guests or a shared bedroom! Here is a great example with the Tandem:
shop the Tandem

Like what you see? Here are some of the key pieces and configurations featured:

The Great Low Loft with Stairs

shop the Great

The Delicious with Slide

shop the delicious low loft with slide

The Great with Dressers

shop the Great3 with Dressers

The Great with Dressers & Bookcase

shop the Great1 with Dressers & Bookcase

Study Desks

shop Study Desks

Three Drawer Dressers

shop the 3-Drawer Dresser

Bookcases - Three or Six Shelves

shop Bookcases

Maxtrix Twin Mattress

Kids Mattress
shop kid's twin mattresses

shop crystal knobs

Mattress Cover Pink
shop mattress covers

shop play curtains

Kids Desk Chairs
shop school chairs

If you'd like assistance purchasing the Great low loft with stairs or any of our other loft beds (we have several other styles!), please contact our friendly customer service team. We are available online via our chat tool or email us after hours! You can also start the process with this handy Loft Bed Buying Guide.

2 comments on “A Low Loft Bed with Stairs that Delivers”

  • Can I get the great 3 with the staircase and dressers in white in a full size instead of twin? Can I get that with a panel headboard? And what would the price be. And will there be a shipping charge to zip 03057, NH? Wish your web site had a build your own bed program like car websites.

    • Great idea, Cathy! :) We would love to help you build out a custom price, but yes, all of our beds are configurable to your needs so you could order a full size staircase loft with a dresser. See if this is what you were thinking - it's called the "Perfect3". Also, feel free to contact our customer service team via our website's live chat tool or email them at customercare@maxwoodfurniture.com as they are always on it quicker than we might be on the blog. Shipping is free with orders over $100 in the United States.

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