Loft Beds

Fun Loft Beds

A Loft bed is so much fun! There are lots of different options to configure your Maxtrix® Loft. The simplest version is just adding a fun play-tent underneath the bed. You can also add slides, a top tent, or go for a complete castle look. All these lofts are built with the same core Maxtrix bed, so they can easily be converted into another Maxtrix® combination by simply taking off the fabrics and slide and adding on new components. Find out more in our loft bed buying guide.

Storage Lofts

A loft bed creates space instantly - so why not use it all by packing lots of storage right underneath the bed. The Maxtrix® system is designed so all case-goods fit exactly underneath the beds - creating a great looking storage cube with lots of capacity.

Study Lofts

Need more space to concentrate? Convert your Maxtrix® bed into a funky study loft! You can chose from lots of desk options to maximize study surface and storage. Just add a Maxtrix® chair and some drawer units to create a great teen/college room.

Accessorize your Loft

Deck out your new sleeping quarters with accessories especially designed for sleeping up high (and low) - from functional to cozy, Maxtrix® has the accessories you need to make your loft your very own