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Our Furniture

"Is there a weight limit for your beds?"

US Safety Regulations require bunk and loft beds to withstand a 400lbs dead weight test. The test is designed as follows: Center a sheet of ¾” (19mm) thick plywood with dimensions of 19” (480mm) x 37” (940mm) on the slat roll and place weights with a total mass of 400lbs (181.4 kg) on the plywood. The weights should be applied gradually and shall remain in place for at least 5 minutes.

Our beds have passed the same safety tests conducted internally with our own personnel, following the test requirements using an 800lbs (362.8 kg) weights and using Maxtrix® bed components.

This does not mean that an 800lbs gorilla should be jumping up and down on the bed. As always we caution that normal reasoning and common sense should be used when using a loft or bunk bed.

"I'm interested in purchasing a bunk bed, can I make it into 2 separate beds later when my kids decide they don't want to share anymore? Which could be today, tomorrow or even 2 years from now."

Yep! Maxtrix® is a system - that means you can convert the bed you like today into a different configuration tomorrow, just by adding different component pieces as you require them. You can re-configure any of our beds, and our Maxtrix® Customer Service Team can help you on how to do it, and what components you may need to complete your conversion.

"Are your ladders and staircases reversible?"

Yes! You can decide on which side you want to put the entrance - all of our ladders and staircases are completely reversible.

Is it difficult to assemble your beds? Do you offer assembly service?

All our furniture comes with assembly instructions and all hardware required to build the bed. We can also assist in assessing degree of difficulty depending on which model you would be interested in (I.e. A simple low loft is easy and quick, a quadruple bunk with staircase may take a bit longer) Just give us a call or start a chat for questions regarding a specific bed. Some of our delivery partners may offer in-home assembly for an additional cost. To see if this is available in your area please contact us. Phone:1-877-776-3388 Email:

What tools are needed to assemble your product?

Most of the tools that you will need to assemble our product will be included with your Maxtrix® purchase. Additionally you may need a screw driver (we recommend a power drill set to a low setting) to screw wood screws into pilot holes (pre-drilled guide holes).

With most bed hardware kits we enclose a hex wrench which we recommend using, but we have also enclosed drill bits so that you may use a power drill to tighten our bolts – again we recommend setting the power drill to a low setting in order not to damage the wood or strip any cross dowels, bolt nuts or metal inserts. The assembly instructions will be included with the product and will guide you through the assembly process.

"What safety tests have been conducted on your product?"

Please refer to the Safety section on the About Us page for a full comparison of Maxtrix® safety standards and test results vs. federal standards.

"What chemicals are utilized in your stains, glues and finishes?"

All our finishes and glues are tested and comply with current US standards (incl. ASTM, EN71 and CPSIA standards). Our products also comply with European EN747, EN71 and Reach XVII Safety standards. Our products are in compliance with current regulations for contents of heavy metals (incl. lead), toxins, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. We require our suppliers to test their finishes with accredited 3rd party testing laboratories and furnish certification documents to prove this. In addition we conduct our own yearly testing of the same finishes with our own 3rd party accredited laboratories for double verification. We use water-based glues only.

Our Natural and Chestnut finishes for Maxtrix® are well documented, tested, have a long history of use, and are the most commonly used finishes in the industry.

Our White finish is an Acrylic finish and is equally well tested and documented. It is a very expensive finish, as it stays white for very long. Most white finishes will have a tendency to “yellow” over time as the finish oxidizes, however our Acrylic finish will stay white for longer.

"Where is your furniture manufactured?"

Our Beds, Furniture and Soft-goods are manufactured in our own factory in Vietnam. All our people, processes and equipment are specifically trained and geared towards making our unique products as perfectly and efficiently as possible. Our Mattresses are designed and made in the USA. For additional information regarding our Factory and the Maxtrix® story, please view the About us section of the website.

Placing an Order

"How do I order?"

You can order online through this website and have your order shipped straight to you or you can check if there is a Maxtrix dealer in your area on our Store Locator.

"Can I call and place my order?"

Of course! We have so many options and custom solutions for your room, give us a call at 1-877-776-3388 for help ordering.

"How long will it take to receive my order?"

Once we receive your order, it takes 3-5 business days to be processed before it ships from our warehouse in lovely Lexington, NC. Transit normally takes 7-10 business days depending upon location. Delivery times are Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

"Do you offer any financing or Layaway options?"

We do! Learn more about financing here.

Find a Maxtrix Retailer Near You

"Where can I see a Maxtrix bed in person?"

Check out our list of Maxtrix® Dealers to see if there is a store near you.

"I see Star Ratings in the Dealer Locator. What is that about?"

Star Ratings range from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest) and are based on several criteria, including but not limited to the following:

  • Quantity of Maxtrix® beds on display in-store,
  • The condition of the display of Maxtrix® beds in-store
  • Sales Volume, etc.

This rating is given by Maxwood Furniture, parent company of Maxtrix®. This rating is not comparable to Yelp or other consumer generated review sites. The rating is not a reflection of the furniture store as a whole, it simply reflects how well and how extensively the Maxtrix® brand is represented in this particular location. You can for instance expect to see a larger variety of beds displayed at a higher star dealer than at a lower star dealer. All of our dealers do a great job representing the brand, and many have smaller stores that prevent them from ever reaching a full 5 star rating, but they more than make up for it in customer service and brand knowledge. We encourage you to visit their website and social pages for more information about the store before you visit – we have included relevant links where possible. We hope you find the rating to be a helpful indicator, and it helps you find the right Maxtrix® dealer for your individual needs.

Returns + Warranty

For our Return Policies please see our Cancellations, Refunds & Returns page for more info

"What if I receive a damaged item?"

See our Cancellations, Refunds & Returns page for more info

"We purchased our bed three years ago and just found there to be a crack in the wood on one of the bed components. Does the five year warranty cover this damage?"

Yep! We got your back. In order to process your damage claim we ask that you please send us a picture of the damaged item along with detailed information documenting the reported issue. In addition, please provide us with a copy of the original sales receipt. At the discretion of Maxwood Furniture, the damaged product will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

"Six months ago my wife and I bought a magazine rack to complete our son’s existing Maxtrix® bed system. We have begun to notice that there is a defective area on the item that we have not caused. This product has been used in accordance with your guidelines and was not mishandled. Is there a warranty for this item?"

Yes, all of our case goods have a one year warranty in which we will repair or replace the damaged or defective item. Please provide a picture of the damaged item, a detailed report of the damage and a copy of the original sales receipt so that we may resolve this matter for you.

"Five years ago we purchased a MaxMemory Mattress from your company. We have begun to notice a dip in the mattress and wish to contact you to see if there is a warranty on this item. Can you help?"

Yes! We do have a ten year prorated warranty on our mattresses. Since you have had the mattress five years, half of the life of the warranty, there will still be five years of return for the mattress. The warranty will cover the cost of 5 years use/10 year warranty = 50% of the value of the original mattress.

"We purchased a Natural finish basic bed two years ago and have recently purchased add on leg extensions and rails. When we received the bed parts, we noticed the color was not the same shade of Natural color as our current bed. Does the warranty cover this?"

No. Please remember that when purchasing fine wood furniture, no two pieces of wood are identical. There may be variations in grain character and also color shade. We generally use Maple or White Birch in our Natural finish, and these materials have been specifically selected because of their durability but also ability to keep the shade of color. That being said – wood is a natural material and will be affected by air, light, moisture and temperature variations.

"I purchased a mattress cover for my daughter’s bedroom and after extended use the fabric appears lighter than when we first purchased the item. Is this covered under the warranty?"

No. There is no warranty that covers the fabrics that we sell. These fabrics include mattress covers, pillow covers, curtains, and tents. Fabrics may vary slightly from one dye lot to the next. It is virtually impossible to exactly match fabrics ordered at different times, particularly if the first lot is exposed to air, light and temperature variations.

Our Mattresses + Fabrics

What are the care instructions for the Maxtrix fabrics?

All of our fabrics are made of 100% cotton and have been pre-washed several times. Our wash instructions are as follows:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash separately
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry Flat
  • Low Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean

"Is there a fire barrier on your mattresses?"

Yes, our mattresses are manufactured with a fire resistant barrier/padding product. Unlike many other mattress manufacturers, we do not spray the surfaces of our mattresses with chemicals to make them fire resistant - it's the internal barrier and padding that make them safe. It consists primarily of fire resistant rayon fibers. The fiber has been treated to be fire retardant, and blended with fire resistant rayon. Both layers of the fiber blends contain a minimum of low melt synthetic fibers. All of our mattresses comply with ASTM 16 CFR 1632 & 1633 which meets or exceeds the Cigarette Ignition Resistance and Open Flame Resistance tests.

Keeping Your Maxtrix® Looking Brand New

Maxtrix® furniture is finished with a fine lacquer top coat which adds to its beauty and helps preserve the chosen color. No wood or wood finish is indestructible and you must provide regular care and maintenance.

  • Clean up spills immediately, as all liquids will damage lacquer finishes.
  • Never use cleaners that contain ammonia, abrasives, silicones or acetone, as these chemicals will damage lacquer finishes.
  • Avoid placing rubber or plastic on wood furniture, as their ingredients can react with lacquer finishes.
  • Rubber feet found on the bottoms of radios, clocks, pencil sharpeners, staplers, lamps, etc. should be changed to felt.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading.
  • Do not write, drag, drop or place heavy items directly on surface, as all woods can be damaged.
  • Periodically check and re-tighten any hardware as necessary. Do not over-tighten.

Natural Hardwoods are UNIQUE - Expect some variation in grain, color, fit, and finish. Natural hardwoods are porous and will expand and contract due to humidity changes in the home.