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Queen Basic Bed - Low Natural
Finish: Natural

Queen Basic Bed - Low


Queen Basic Bed - High Natural
Finish: Natural

Queen Basic Bed - High


The Heart of the Maxtrix System

Needs change as your child grows – we designed Maxtrix to grow with them! Convertible components allow you to create and re-create a custom kids bed.

Foundation + addition

Core system beds form the “base” of all Maxtrix styles. It’s also what you’ll need when you’re ready for an upgrade. Learn more about the Maxtrix Kids Beds System.

System debunked

Maxtrix bunk beds are 2 beds stacked on top of one another. Choose low, medium or high bed on the bottom to create more or less headroom. Check our Kids Beds Fit Guide to see how they differ.

Size matters

Longer legs need longer beds. In addition to standard Twin and Full sizes, we now offer Twin XL, Full XL and Queen beds! Shop our XL Kids Beds.