Making Space in a Small Kid's Room: The Box Low Loft with Desk

We know that, typically, kids have small rooms; particularly elementary school aged children. And, while that may seem like a disadvantage, we offer solutions that make their square footage work and even seem bigger! Low lofts are ideal for this purpose. By elevating the kid's bed, you've freed up floor space and allowed for storage and study underneath the bed. This is where the "Box" by Maxtrix Kids comes in! We like to think it's a perfect solution for small rooms. Here's why. Read More

Kids Play Table and Chairs for Young Children

Hint: we are thinking solid wood, space saving design, versatility and a little cute factor! No matter if you have a toddler, preschooler or kindergartner: Young children love to have a play table and chair set for coloring, crafting, puzzles, blocks and more! Setting up a more structured environment with a table and chairs that fit kids height and provide a comfortable space for some focus time can make a real difference in how kids engage with art and books, and learn to play with each other. Read More

Are your Kids Ready for Bunk Beds?

How can you be sure they are ready for this fun sleeping arrangement? Take it from one of our most seasoned bunk bed experts (yes, we have quite a few of them!): here are some insider tips of the things you may want to consider before making your decision Read More

Safety First! Kids Furniture Safety Checklist for Your Home.

For Toddlers and Kids, dangers can lurk everywhere. But, there are plenty of ways to prevent accidents. It’s not difficult or costly to create a safe environment for your kids. Here is a Furniture Safety checklist for your home and child’s bedroom Read More

New 2-Drawer Study Desk & Matching Chairs!

We know that kids have a lot of "things". Paper, pencils, books - just to name a few - are needed nightly for homework and study. This is why we engineered a student desk with not only one, but two, deep drawers for maximum storage. But, the best part is that this desk is still small (41”(w)x22”(d)x31.5”(h)) so it fits easily into almost any room size. Take a look at our new two-drawer desk! Read More

Buying Guide for Kids Bunk Beds

Bunks are a fun and space efficient way to create comfy sleeping quarters. Kids love sleeping in bunks – they get all the benefit of good company, and the comfort and individual style of their own bed. Read More

A "grown up" take on corner loft beds - meet the Penthouse.

You asked for it – we have it! Here is a great “grown up” Maxtrix® set-up, which is perfect for two kids sharing a room! It's called the Penthouse Corner Loft with two high beds, one angled ladder and one staircase entry. We just released it - be among the first to own a practical, safe solutions for two! See all of our corner loft beds. Read More

Add a Slide to Your High Bunk Bed with the Poof!

Now you can add a slide to a high bunk bed with this new design by Maxtrix. Kids climb & slide safely with Maxtrix. Dress it up with play curtains - available in many color combinations! Get inspired with kid’s slide & play beds and shop the Poof here! Read More

The Kicks: Best Selling Low Loft with Dresser, Bookcase & Angled Ladder

Small room? Need storage without taking up too much space? Looking to purchase your first loft bed and want to know which one others are loving? If this is you, Mom, Dad or Grandparent, then we recommend taking a look at the Kicks2. Here are four reasons why this twin size low loft with dresser, bookcase and angled ladder is a Best Seller. Read More

Say "Yeah" to the Best Selling Toddler Bed!

Shopping for a daybed? The Maxtrix daybed is the centerpiece of our furniture system and the perfect starter bed for your toddler. Here are 5 Reasons to start and end your daybed search with the Maxtrix "Yeah". Read More

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