Find the Perfect Princess Bed - Daybeds, Slides, Lofts, Bunks & Poster Beds

Many girls absolutely love Princesses. We no doubt believe Princess themed beds are by far the most popular within our wide selection of girl's bedroom furniture. Explore your options, and invite your daughter to look along with you (that is unless you want to surprise her with a Princess bed... she just might scream with excitement like this little girl.) :) Read More

Top Boys & Girls Furniture Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Alright, we know pretty much all children dream about the latest toys, movies, video games and bikes as they create their "wish list" for Santa... and we're pretty sure that one or two of these items will get crossed off by Mom or Dad. ;) But, why not combine those items with a timeless and/or practical gift? Let's check one or two boxes off the bedroom furniture "needs list" as well! Here's our top list of gift ideas for boys and girls. Read More

Why Twin Size Toddler Beds Work Best

When it’s time to transition your child out of the crib to a “real” toddler bed there are many things to consider, including timing and approach. Help make this change easier for your child and everyone involved with these simple tips and ideas. Discover bed selection options, benefits of twin sized toddler beds and setup tips to maximize room safety and space.

Twin Sized Toddler Beds

Make Safety a TOP Priority

Safety begins with the composition of the bed. Therefore, look for natural materials - we love solid wood - and finishes with low VOC water-based stains or lacquers. Eliminate protrusions (that means things sticking out) and select rounded corners, which helps children to avoid injuries or getting stuck (i.e. a hoodie entangled on a bed-post). Consider companies that make safety a priority; read about Maxtrix Safety Standards.

There is some debate about beds raised off the floor vs. ground level. While it’s easy to imagine your child navigating a mattress on the floor, many experts recommend a “real bed” with legs raised off the floor to define the space, establish the ritual of going INTO bed and keep the sleeping surface for your child only. So, dogs, siblings, even parents don’t claim the sleeping spot before your child.

Therefore, a raised bed is also a much more hygienic solution, allowing air to flow under the mattress and vent from below.

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Safety rails are critical during the transition phase and useful well beyond toddler years. While rails fit in front of regular twin sized toddler beds, we also recommend back rails to avoid children getting stuck between the bed and the wall. The Maxtrix best-selling Yeah is a great example of a twin sized toddler bed with safety rails and two entrances at the front.

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The height of safety rails is a critical feature to consider when shopping for the best bed. Any Maxtrix bed will feature 16” tall safety rails, which when used with a 5” low profile mattress (recommended), leaves a whopping 11” rail height for extra safe sleeping.

Maximize Space in Your Toddler Room

Generally, toddlers and young children have smaller rooms, which is another reason why we love raised beds. Adding storage drawers or a trundle right underneath the bed is a great way to make extra space. Kids love trundle beds for quick sleepover accommodations and parents have a comfy place to relax while junior is getting ready to fall asleep.

Toddler Peaking Out of Toddler Bed with Top Tent
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With Maxtrix, choose from many different under bed options, including the following best sellers:

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Toddler Trundle Bed
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Convert Your Twin Sized Toddler Beds Easily

Remember how much attention was paid to his or her first beautiful crib? Many max out nursery budgets just to replace it within the first couple of years. If this is you, don't worry. Kids grow and needs change dramatically the first 10 years of life. That’s why many parents shopping for their first “big kid” bed look for something that changes over time. And, that’s exactly why Maxtrix twin sized toddler beds work!

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As conversion beds, you have the ability to transition into even bigger kids beds – from toddler to teen (even college)! Here's how it works...start with just a basic bed on the floor.

Harrison's Toddler Bed with Guardrail
Add fun top tents or decorative finials to make it a playful, unique design.

Choose the variation (3 headboard styles in 3 timeless colors) that feels timeless and creates the perfect look.

Toddler Room with Top Tent Bed
When the time is right, remove the safety rails – either at once or over time (first front then back perhaps), creating a classic twin (or full!) bed.

Finish the room with coordinating, solid wood furniture pieces.

Hence, add on to it, and change it over time! This base bed might one day serve as the top of a bunk bed with a second bed underneath. Or, perhaps it's later elevated to a loft bed with study, storage or fun play curtains with slide. Simply add the right leg extension height, ladders or stairs and accessories.

Under Bed Curtains
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Finally, the bottom line is that when you choose Maxtrix, your toddler bed is the core building block to any of our awesome bed combinations – triples, corners, L-shapes, anything you see in the Maxtrix assortment - this bed converts to over time.

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Toddler Bed Design Team

Ready to create the perfect first "Big Girl" or "Big Boy" bed for your kid's room? Our design team is ready and standing by to take your room dimensions, child's age and bed preferences. Also, we're here to help you invest in the perfect solid wood, safe bed that will last for years to come.

Please note that Maxtrix twin sized toddler beds and all others contain components that carry small parts. Thus, they are recommended for children 3 years and older.

Looking for Twin Over Full Bunk Beds? Meet the "Slope"

We have a feeling the "Slope" is going to make it to the top of your shopping list if you're in the market for twin over full bunk beds. It's our most popular, best-selling bunks in this category, and it's available in white, natural or chestnut finishes. Read More

Kid's Desk Roundup: Pick the right one for your student!

Looking for a kid's desk for your home? Help your child with homework and studies with a solid wood desk made specifically for kid's rooms, playrooms and any study space within your home. Here's a helpful shopping guide to help you choose the right look for your boy or girl. Read More

Three Reasons to Choose the Bulky Ladder Lofts

School and college shopping is underway, and parents are working hard to set their middle/high school or college students up for a successful year. This includes arranging spaces for them to thrive in and out of the classroom - whether that's in their own home or dorm. For those who prefer a simple, yet effective, take on study ladder lofts, we recommend shopping the Bulky! Here are three reasons why parents and students love this best selling ladder loft.

Bulky Ladder Lofts

Tall Frame

As a "high" loft bed, the elevated bed sits 71" tall. This is probably the tallest loft we recommend for standard 8' ceilings (and choose a low profile mattress to maximize head space). Even teens find plenty of space above the bed for sitting up comfortably and reading.

As a "full" size bed, the Bulky provides more room than the standard twin size, which is great for stretching out! We all know students need great sleep in order to do their best at school. Keep in mind that at Maxtrix we also offer Twin, XL and Queen size lofts for additional options.

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shop the Twin size "Slam"

A high frame also means there is plenty of headspace under the bed for taller kids. Minimize how much "ducking under" is needed as much as possible with a bed that sits up higher off the ground.

Ladder on End

The location of the ladder is key! With the entry on the footboard of the ladder loft, the front of the bed is left open and inviting. This creates a more modern look with clean lines and minimizes the amount of space needed in front of the loft (an angled ladder would stick out much further). This makes the Bulky ideal for narrow rooms.

Keep in mind that the ladder can be moved forward or back on the footboard (Maxtrix ladder lofts are customizable). Here is an example with the ladder moved towards the front of the frame:

There are also two other finishes available - white and chestnut shown here:

Space Underneath

Small rooms or dorms can feel cramped, but by raising the sleeping quarters up high, a lot of floor room is left open underneath for living space. Capitalize on square footage by adding essential furniture like dressers and desks to keep spaces tidy and usable.

Think about how much studying your child will do this school year! Setting him or her up with dedicated room for homework is essential to their success.

Shop this Look

Love what you see? We've got your shopping links covered. Keep in mind that configuration options are virtually limitless. So, while we love and recommend the Bulky, our design team is available to assist with your dream configuration. Options include different bed heights, sizes, bed end styles, finishes, entries, ladder placement and various furniture. Just contact our design team to get started or read our free Back to School furniture guides.

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Creative Kids Room Setup for Sleep and Study

Looking for a unique solution for elementary or middle school aged kids? Try our best selling study loft configuration with an elevated loft bed and desk underneath! This space-saving solution is ideal for sleep and study in small bedrooms, or low ceiling heights. Kids love the Kicks10; find out why it's so popular with Moms and studious kiddos.

Unique Study Loft for Kids - Kicks10

Top Reasons to Love the Kicks10 Study Loft

First, safety is always our top priority. With an angled ladder entry, kids climb safely up to elevated low lofts using the sturdy handrail. Non-slip grooves on the ladder steps ensure their feet don't slide off while climbing PLUS as a low loft, there are only three steps to climb.

Top guard rails keep kids in their beds at night, preventing rolling out during sleep. This is usually the number one parental concern, which is why we take it seriously at Maxtrix. With one of the highest guard rails in the industry, your child is safe with Maxtrix.

Want extra rail height? Try a 5" MaxMattress, which is available in a few different spring/foam types.

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Finally, the slats underneath the mattress are solid wood and strong. In fact, our beds are built to withstand up to 800 pounds!!

As with all of our quality study lofts, when choosing your configuration, know that you have choices. We offer three shades, including white, natural and chestnut, and also three different bed end styles, including panels, slats and curved.

Start by selecting your base bed, like the "Kicks" shown here.

shop the Kicks

Create configurations with different dressers, bookcases, desks and toy boxes underneath. The popular "Kicks10" features a long study desk in the front and a four-cube dresser under the footboard.

shop the Kicks10

The long desk is super functional with three drawers in the front for easy access to materials, while the top actually tilts with extra storage space underneath. When opened, kids are able to use the very long flat surface as an art or drawing board.

Store clothes, blankets, bedding and more in the very deep drawers inside the four cube dresser. This sturdy, solid wood piece of furniture helps to keep the room tidy AND stands the test of time.

But, what's the best part about this study loft and ALL Maxtrix furniture? They change looks easily over time. The long desk and cube dresser can slide out as stand alone pieces of furniture; just add crown and base kits to the dresser!

shop the Square

shop the large desk

Want a different desk or dresser? Simply select different case goods that fit your needs. Here's an example of a small desk and a second cube dresser.

shop the Kicks17

If you love what you've seen, the Kicks10 just might be the perfect study loft for your kid's room. However, if you'd like design assistance or want to talk through other options for your space, simply connect with our design team. We're available via email or live chat!

Back to College Furniture Guide

Summer is a quite rewarding time for recent high school graduates who have just finished up major exams and achieved significant milestones. Gearing up for the next chapter in life is exciting but also a little scary. (We remember all of the nervous energy involved with college preparation.) Want to simplify the furniture search for dorm and apartment life; consult our handy Back to College Furniture Guide with our best selling and most popular loft beds, bunk beds, desks and study beds for the emerging college student.

Loft Beds with Desks for Dorms and Apartments

High lofts are preferred by college students as they sit high enough off the ground, which is great for two reasons. One, students feel like their sleeping quarters in a shared room is more private with the bed elevated, and, two, there is a lot of space underneath the bed for studying and storing personal items.

Our high loft and ultra high loft study beds are very popular for this reason. The bed sizes range from Twin to Full to Queen. Add a long desk underneath for the best study/sleep combination or use the space for standalone bookcases, dressers, nightstands or smaller desks. Here are some best sellers:

And, keep in mind that all lofts easily customize to the room dimensions, so the ladder entry can reverse and change sides (even sit off the footboard) when needed for the same price.

Single Beds for Dorms and College Students

Lucky enough to get a private dorm room or off-campus apartment? Then sharing and privacy are not quite a concern, so we recommend a single bed with low panel footboards. Try a few different headboard styles out - curved, panel or slat - in your favorite finish - white, chestnut or natural - and create the perfect single bed look!

College Furniture for Students

If opting for a single bed (or bunk bed), maximize the configuration by adding under-bed storage or pullout trundle beds for friends.

And, stand alone desks are always nice! We have the perfect selection for older college students with deep drawers that will hold the massive text books!

Want more Back to College help or furniture information? Feel free to tap our design team standing by!

Reversible Ladders and Slides on Maxtrix Kids Beds

Often with furniture, what you see is what you get, and as shoppers there is nothing more frustrating than "almost" having the look that you want/need. Our furniture designers had you in mind when creating our key kid's bed components. The most common request is to move the slide or ladder from one side to the other. That's easy with Maxtrix. So, when you see a picture of one of our beds, simply know that you have configuration options; starting with reversible ladders and slides!

How is this so easily possible? Our beds are a part of our configurable furniture system. This simply means that using our core components, you can piece them together to create the perfect look for your space; similar to Lego building blocks! Furthermore, the same bed can change over time as your child grows.

Reversible Ladders & Slides

Reversible Ladders & Staircases

All Maxtrix elevated beds are designed with three entry options - staircase steps, angled ladder or straight ladder. These entries can be place on the front of the bed on either the right or left side as seen below.

Headroom above top bunk on Tall Bunk Bed

Our staircase entries sit just to the right or left of the bed (not in front like the ladders).

Desk Under High Loft Bed with Stairs
Ladders can also be placed on the headboard or the footboard. And, if you move and need to change the entrance at a later time, you can with reversible ladders.

Ladder Entrance on Footboard
For those looking at corner bunk or loft beds, there are two separate entrances to both beds up top. YES! You can switch these out. Try two straight ladders, one straight and one angled, one angled and one staircase... you have six possible combinations. Our design team will take your room measurements and help you select the best fit.

Triathlon Triple Corner Bunk

Triple Corner Bunk with Top Tents

Reversible Slides

When creating a fun play loft or bunk with slide, the first thing you'll want to do is to measure to make sure there is plenty of space in front of the landing area. This often will determine where the slide is placed. Just like our ladders, slides can go on the right or left of low or mid bunks or lofts.

With high bunks and lofts, we've created a safe way for kids to slide safely with our new slide platform. The platform is just like a staircase entry in that it will sit beside the bed on either side (adding width).

The slide platform also works for rooms that do not have enough space in front of the bed for the slide.

Design Your Bed

So, now you know all about our reversible ladders and slides. Ready to create the perfect look for your child's room? Start with a few of our basic buying guides and then contact our design team who is ready to take your room measurements and recommend the best placement of your slide and ladder. Simply email us or use our online live chat tool!

What Bunk Bed Height is Right for My Child?

We recently shared some great tips for selecting the right size kid's bed for your space, but we received some follow-up questions about bunk beds specifically. As the bunk experts, we welcomed the opportunity to share more about selecting the right bunk bed height for your child. The good news is that at Maxtrix, we have three different bunk bed heights and will show you the differences.

Keep in mind that no matter the bed height, you can choose from three different bed finishes (white, natural or chestnut), three entrance types (straight ladder, angled ladder or staircase), three mattress sizes (twin, full or Queen), and finally three bed end styles (slat, curved or panel). Easily customize the right look for your chid's room!

Full over Queen
shop the Plush

Did you know that our bunk bed ladders and slides are reversible? They can go on the right or left side of the bed's front OR opt for a side entry!

Low Bunk Bed Height

Younger children love bunk beds. In fact, it's often their first "big kid" bed after their toddler bed. If you started with a Maxtrix toddler bed, it will easily convert to a low bunk bed simply by adding leg extenders and a second bed. If you are starting new, low bunk beds are recommended for children around age six (but as a parent you know your child best!) Take a look at head room and bed height measurements below (assuming an 8' ceiling height):

Low Bunk Bunk Bed Height
shop low bunk beds

If shopping low bunks, they are also fantastic as a base bed for extra play accessories like slides, underbed curtains and top tents - all of which can be removed when your child outgrows them. Slide safely out of our solid wood beds, and choose from many fabric color combinations for tents and curtains.

Low Bunk Bed with Slide
shop low play bunks

Mid Bunk Bed Height

Adding about five inches more to the height of the low bunk, the Mid Bunk is a great option for slightly older children around age eight. The ladder or staircase entry will have one more step, but there's still a lot of head room between the two beds and between the top bed and ceiling.

Medium Bunk Bunk Bed Height
shop mid bunk beds

Mid Bunks can also easily convert into play bunks with an extension piece added to the under-bed curtains, but we often advise against top tents unless your ceiling is higher than eight feet.

shop mid play bunks

Our mid bunks are some of our most popular designs with our best selling Get It, Got It and twin over full Slope and Sumo.

shop the Slope

shop the Sumo

shop the Get It

High Bunk Bed Height

Those with older kids around ten or rooms with higher ceilings have the option to go even higher with our High Bunk Beds. While this option gives you the most headroom between the two beds, your head space up top is a bit more limited. For this reason, we recommend a low profile mattress at five inches width, which will allow for ample sitting height.

High Bunk Bunk Bed Height
shop high bunk beds

We recently introduced a slide platform, which enables even those with high beds to add a slide for fun! Our best selling Poof is a good example of this design:

Tall Bunk Bed with Slide Platform
shop the Poof

Want to keep it simple and streamlined? The Tall is the way to go with a clean look. Kids climb safely up a straight ladder with stair grooves and hand rail.

Tall Bunk Bed
shop the Tall

Sleepovers are more popular in this age group so if you are looking to sleep several, you can also consider our high corner bunk beds with three or even four beds. These unique configurations are perfect for shared rooms, vacation homes, beach homes or sleepovers!

shop the Troika

Shop the Quad Bunk Bed
shop the Quad

Bunk Bed Shopping Assistance

Want more details? Consult a few of our buying guides for bunk beds, what size bed is right for my child or how to measure your room for your child's bed. Our design team is also here so tap us! We'll take your room measurements and help you figure out the right configuration for your space.

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