A Sleek & Sturdy Triple Bunk Bed - Meet the Trey!

A safe way to sleep three kids in one shared bedroom - look no further than the Trey triple bunk bed by Maxtrix. Solid hardwood & made to last. Read More

Customize Your Perfect Kids Bed

Searching the perfect kids bed? You might be spending hours looking for the right entrance, bed height, size and finish. And then, what about quality and safety? Customize your perfect kids bed with Maxtrix. Our system is like a building blocks, but for furniture! You can choose the color, bend end style, size and entrance PLUS add storage, slides, fabrics, desks or chairs for study and storage. Read More

Kids Bed Options - Raise it Up, Double it Up, Mix it Up

With the Maxtrix System, you can select a bed today and then raise it up, double it up or mix it up tomorrow using our various connection kits and bed combinations. Read More

The New Maxtrix Kids Furniture Catalog

The new Maxtrix Kids catalog is here! See the latest furniture, new products and configurations and room ideas directly from our 2017 kid's furniture catalog. Explore new solid wood options for your child's room! Read More

Quality Kids Beds - So many choices and possibilities with MAXTRIX®!

MAXTRIX® Beds are more than just your average kid's bed. All MAXTRIX® beds are modular – that means you can take the beds apart and re-configure them as your Child grows and needs change. MAXTRIX® Beds are excellent quality – crafted from solid hardwood and built to last. Find out more why choosing a MAXTRIX® quality kid's bed is the right choice for your home! Read More

Your Guide to Selecting the Best Toddler Bed

I remember hearing the soft sound of pitter-patter steps down our long hallway for the first time. It was that anxious moment when we realized our ‘baby’ had outgrown his crib and literally climbed out of it. (Thank God he didn’t get hurt!!) Making his way to us, we knew he was no longer the small infant we would keep swaddled forever…. He was a toddler. Read More

Top Kids Twin Over Full Bunk Beds & L Shaped Beds

Looking for twin over full bunk beds? Maxtrix has you covered! We have six different styles of twin over full bunks. Here's the breakdown of each and what they look like to help guide your shopping experience. Read More

A "grown up" take on corner loft beds - meet the Rooftop

You asked for it – we have it! Here is a great “grown up” Maxtrix® set-up, which is perfect for two kids sharing a room! It's called the Rooftop Corner Loft with two high beds, one angled ladder and one staircase entry. We just released it - be among the first to own a practical, safe solutions for two! See all of our corner loft beds. Read More

Our Popular "Star" High Loft Gets Studious with a Long Desk!

Our new long desks fit make a perfect high loft with desk. They provide so much space for middle and high schoolers to study and focus. Read More

Kid's Desk Roundup: Pick the Right One for your Student!

Looking for a kid's desk for your home? Help your child with homework and studies with a solid wood desk made specifically for kid's rooms, playrooms and any study space within your home. Here's a helpful shopping guide to help you choose the right look for your boy or girl. Read More

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