Top Kids Beds of 2017

It's our favorite time of the year when we look back and highlight our absolute favorite configurations of the year... and you know we have thousands to choose from! As the world's largest furniture system, there are endless options when designing the perfect look for a kid's room. But, if you are like most of us, we love to see what others are selecting. Look no further - here are our best-selling, Top Kid's Beds of 2017. Read More

Slide Beds for Kids - Best Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

We know it happens. Parents and grandparents search endlessly for the best bed for their children. And, when the child sets his or her eyes on a slide bed, he or she is convinced it is the ultimate option for sleep and play. Why not combine both essential elements into one design? Our hope is that your child will enjoy sliding out of bed for years. We also know one day that desire will change. Well, that's when the Matrix System enters. Slide today and easy convert your bunk bed or loft bed with slide to a different look tomorrow. Now, let's take a look at some of the very best slide beds for kids! Read More

Wow Your Kids with a Play Bed All Dressed Up

What do you call a kid's bed with under-bed curtains, tower, top tent and slide? How about the ultimate kid's play bed? We're experts at maximizing kid's bedroom square footage and the WOW low loft all dressed up brings the best of sleep and play all within a small amount of square footage. Take a look at this amazing kid's bed that WOWs everyone at first sight. Read More

Safety First! Kids Furniture Safety Checklist for Your Home.

For Toddlers and Kids, dangers can lurk everywhere. But, there are plenty of ways to prevent accidents. It’s not difficult or costly to create a safe environment for your kids. Here is a Furniture Safety checklist for your home and child’s bedroom Read More

Unique Gift Idea: Cool Kids Play Bed!

Looking for a great gift idea? Consider a play bed by Maxtrix! Here's a gift that keeps on giving. See our most popular tent beds, Princess beds, fort beds, castle beds and slide beds. Read More

The Story Behind Maxtrix Kids

You found us! This is a fantastic place to get inspired when you are redoing your child’s room. From bunk beds, loft beds, slides, fun fabrics and tents, Maxtrix Kids Furniture has a huge selection. In fact, you can create more than 22,000 combinations with our range of components and accessories! So, how did we create and grow to the world's largest kid's furniture system? Meet our owners - Stephen and Anne Jensen - and find out the story behind Maxtrix! Read More

THE Solid Wood, Natural Bunk Bed with Ladder

Meet our top selling twin over twin bunk bed in a beautiful natural finish - the Get It or Got It with your choice of an angled or straight ladder. See it up close & shop this popular bunk for kids! Read More

A Sleek & Sturdy Triple Bunk Bed - Meet the Trey!

A safe way to sleep three kids in one shared bedroom - look no further than the Trey triple bunk bed by Maxtrix. Solid hardwood & made to last. Read More

Customize Your Perfect Kids Bed

Searching the perfect kids bed? You might be spending hours looking for the right entrance, bed height, size and finish. And then, what about quality and safety? Customize your perfect kids bed with Maxtrix. Our system is like a building blocks, but for furniture! You can choose the color, bend end style, size and entrance PLUS add storage, slides, fabrics, desks or chairs for study and storage. Read More

Kids Bed Options - Raise it Up, Double it Up, Mix it Up

With the Maxtrix System, you can select a bed today and then raise it up, double it up or mix it up tomorrow using our various connection kits and bed combinations. Read More

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