Two Tone News – New Kids Furniture Just Released

Two Tone News – New Kids Furniture Just Released

Designing a kid’s bedroom means you are tapping your inner childhood to create a magical (yet practical) environment. We really love shaking things up a tad and exploring fun alternatives to the classic bedroom look. You’ve probably noticed that with all our themed beds and beds with slides or tents.

4160-001 : 6 Drawer Dresser, Natural

6 Drawer Dresser

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Now let’s tackle kid’s nightstands and dressers (because we can’t leave them out, can we?). We gave them a little color makeover and created something – dare we say – amazing.

It’s pretty common now in design to vary wood tones, especially with dining tables or desks with chairs. Take for instance this classic dining set with white and oak blends.

Traditional Dining Tables by Reston Furniture & Accessories Cymax

Now, here’s our take on the two-tone situation…

Two Toned Kids Furniture
Be indulgent and pick a couple of these pieces to go with your kid’s Maxtrix bed, or just add a single interesting piece of flair! Shop all of our two-tone furniture and explore your options.

Two Toned Furniture

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YO23 NP : Twin Toddler Bed with Tent, Panel, Natural

Twin Toddler Bed with Tent

YEAH NS : Twin Toddler Bed, Slat, Natural

Twin Toddler Bed

1610-001 : 2 Drawer Underbed Dresser Unit, Natural

2 Drawer Under Bed Dresser

9-001 : Modesty Bar, Natural

Modesty Bar

3740-021 : Back Pillows (set of 3), Blue + Red

Back Pillows (set of 3)

3760-022 : Bolsters (set of 2), Blue + White

Bolsters (set of 2)


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