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New Toy Storage - Mix & Match for your Playroom or Bedroom

New Toy Storage - Mix & Match for your Playroom or Bedroom
It doesn't matter how many children or grandchildren live in the home - we know it is very difficult to keep bedrooms and playrooms de-cluttered. Toys are often the main culprit with stuffed animals, blocks, puzzles, remote controlled cars and dolls taking over floor-space. This is the reason why we think you are going to LOVE our new versatile toy storage options!

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New Toy STorage

New Open Cubby

Perfect for the toddler or preschooler in your home, the open cubby allows young children to see the toys that they want, easily take toys out and put them back.

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New Floor Hutch

As a unit that sits directly on the floor, the floor hutch is the perfect base for your storage configuration.

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New 2-Sided Toy Boxes

For your pop of color, go with our new two-sided toy boxes! The panels are reversible so you can mix up the colors on each side or go with a solid palette all the way around. Go with two different toy box colors for a fun look! These work really well inside our new floor hutch. They are available in white, expresso, pink/grey and blue/red combinations.

Toy Boxes - Collage
The toy boxes are on casters so they can easily be moved around your room.

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Combine Them All

Combine the floor hutch, open cubby and two-sided toy boxes together to make our most popular toy storage solution - the Tidy! It makes a great looking, sturdy unit!

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The Original Maxtrix Toy Chest

Don't forget about our solid wood toy chest, which features a dual opening mechanism – you can open the toy chest from the front or top! Designed for extra safety, a hydraulic arm lowers the front opening so children can easily place or slide toys in and the top lip features a slow-close mechanism to prevent injuries for children and adults alike.

Kids Toy Box in Chestnut

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Mix and Match our Stackable Toy Storage Units

Be it our new floor hutch and open cubby or our original 2-drawer units and toy chests, ALL of our toy storage options were designed so that you can stack multiple units on top of each other to create a storage tower, integrate them into any of our storage bed configurations, or mix and match them to create the perfect storage wall for your child's bedroom or playroom.

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New open cubby on top of our new floor hutch

There are many options with our new floor hutch - take a look:


Two 2-drawer units under the foot-end of a low loft

Our Maxtrix toy storage options are designed to fit right under the footboard of a low loft bed when stacked – so you can use the space under the bed for toy storage!


Two 2-drawer units under the foot-end of a low loft

Try the "Tidy" under a low loft loft. It slides right under the foot board!

A floor hutch with a couple two-sided toy boxes


Toy chest with 2-drawer unit


Multiple units stacked


Combine with Maxtrix Beds and Furniture

Our toy storage units also blend really well with our loft beds, bunk beds and play tables. If you like kid's furniture sets and want to match your bedroom items, then you can shop freely with Maxtrix as our toy storage options are available in 3 finishes - white, natural and chestnut.

Toy with Beds - Collage
Now it's time to create your own configuration! Let our friendly customer service team know if you would like assistance with the design!

*Safety tip: When you stack these units, don't forget to anchor them to the wall! This is a must. Read our safety articles and get your anchor from Maxtrix.