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Top 9 Kids Rooms for Sleep and Study

Top 9 Kids Rooms for Sleep and Study
This is an exciting time as everyone is prepping for a new school year – there's so much to discover, friends to make, new teachers to meet! And, while it's easy to check off the schools supply list, don't forget about their sleep and study environments at home. Providing a comfortable and functional space for studying will help with the frustration as they transition back to homework AND we all know how important rest is for focus and development at school. If you're considering a bedroom, playroom or office update and want to include a desk, chair, bed or bed with desk in your plans, we're got you covered at Maxtrix. Get inspired with our top nine kid's rooms with the perfect mix of sleep and study!

Study Beds - Top 9
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#1: A Versatile Low Loft for Small Rooms & Growing Kids

This small bed really packs a lot of punch. Check off all of your boxes - sleep, indoor fun, organization & study - with one low loft. The furniture underneath can be reconfigured for your space. Mix and match for the perfect setup for your child's needs. The slide is great today, but easily remove it tomorrow when he/she is older.

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#2: Add a Slide to Your High Bunk Bed

The Poof is a great example of how to safely add a slide to a high bunk bed. The platform doubles as an entrance to the top bunk and the slide. We've added some fun play curtains to the bottom bunk for privacy and fun. With bunk beds, you can update a shared bedroom - or provide extra sleeping quarters for school friends - and still have a stand alone desk for study. Our new two-drawer desk has ample space for hiding books, papers, writing/crafting materials and more!

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#3: Triple Beds, Triple Success

The Troika is one of our most popular corner bunk beds that sleeps three kids! It's great for a shared bedroom, vacation home or beach home. There is space under one of the top beds for storage or a desk - which fits perfectly with our school theme. One of the entries to the top bunks is a staircase. You can store a lot of items in each of these pullout drawers, helping to keep the space tidy and clean!

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#4: Low Loft with Long Desk

This is another example of a low loft bed like bed #1 but in a natural finish and with different storage and study furniture underneath. We're featuring our long desk here, which is really great for slightly older children who love to draw, create and invent! The long pencil grooves hold many writing utensils while the back of the desk tilts open, making it easier to draw on. Plus, you have all of that storage space inside! Take a closer look!

Low Loft with Long Desk and Storage Cubes
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Long Kids Desk
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#5: White Corner Loft

Sleep two up high with a corner loft! This particular version features ample space for two kid's desks - and storage!! There are so many different setups you can create in the space underneath a corner loft. This is one of our most popular configurations with an angled ladder on one side and straight ladder on the opposite. This bed is also available in chestnut or natural finishes.

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Two Desks Under Bed
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#6: Traditional Single Bed

Looking to upgrade from a crib or toddler bed? What about replacing an older bed with a classic furniture set? This is where our traditional single beds step in. They are available in twin or full size with different headboards and footboards. We love the sleek look of our new footboard pictured here, but there are so many more options to choose from. Match the bed with a great dresser and desk with hutch for a completed back to school look!

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#7: Shine like a Star - High Loft with Staircase

The most popular high loft with desk right now is our Star bed. Pictured here is a classic setup with a corner desk and dresser.

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But, we also really love our new long desk with the Star in a configuration called the Star11:

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You can even add 3-drawer dressers (one or two of them) to the long desk to make another configuration called the Star12 or Star13!

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#8: The Penthouse: a Grownups Take on Corner Lofts

Another popular loft is our brand new Penthouse with one staircase entry and one angled ladder. This bed is for rooms with a bit more square footage for the staircase. Reminder - each step is a drawer! And, it looks really nice in our chestnut finish!

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#9: Low Loft with Stairs

Not quite ready for a high loft? Our best selling Great low loft with staircase is a crowd pleaser because of how much storage comes with the staircase entry (plus it's easy for small feet to climb safely!) Add a small desk underneath with either a bookcase or dresser and you've truly maximized your space in a small room!

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These are just a few examples of how you can set up your child's room for successful sleep and study! If your'e looking for more guidance, try our shopping guides by grade level!