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Toddler Room Ideas & Inspiration

Toddler Room Ideas & Inspiration
Hi, moms and dads of toddlers! ;) Remember those days when you were preparing for the arrival of your son or daughter (or multiples!) and wanted to make his/her nursery just right? With limited time to prepare, the pressure was on. Don't worry; you have a few years to prepare for the toddler years. And, when you're ready to have fun designing and shopping for his/her toddler room, let us inspire you with some of our favorite toddler room ideas - from single beds and daybeds to fun accessories like top tents. All of these ideas feature high quality Maxtrix beds with the option to convert the bed over time to a more "big boy" or "big girl" look. (Read more about the Maxtrix System.)

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The Basic Toddler Bed

Not sure where to begin? Try a single bed in either twin or full size and then build from there. A Maxtrix single bed is the initial building block to any future configurations, so you are investing wisely in a quality bed that can be used all the way through your child's teenage years.

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Worried about your child rolling off the bed? Avoid padding the ground with pillows and blankets for soft landing by adding a front and back guardrail to your toddler bed. This will help everyone sleep more soundly! Our guardrails are the highest in the industry, protecting your young ones from falls. Here are some examples of the guardrails as either a daybed (rails on one side) or daybed with back & front safety guard rails. Examples:

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Now, with back AND front guard rails:

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Tent Beds for Toddlers

This design is one of our most popular for toddler rooms. Adding a top tent to any of our daybeds with guard rails (chestnut, natural or white finish) is the ultimate fun factor for your little toddler. They explode with happiness when they see how fun their bed is for hide and seek, forts and story telling and then cozy sleeping, feeling secure in their "tent". We have so many color combinations, so make sure you take a look at all of your options!

Top Tent - Pink Girls Bed
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Corresponding Furniture

Add matching furniture to your toddler room for a traditional or contemporary, clean look! Think a small nightstand with soft-close drawers, a dresser with anti-tipping anchors, a toy bin for all of their "things":), and a small play table for crafting and coloring. These additions will complete the room from a furniture perspective.

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Toy Boxes - Collage
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Let your creativity and uniqueness take over the remaining design components for your toddler room with wall decor, window draperies, bedding and fun home accessories like lamps and area rugs. But, you can always add these items later - let's get the foundation set, first, with your toddler bed! ;)