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Savvy Sassy Moms Room Reveal with Maxtrix Play Loft

Savvy Sassy Moms Room Reveal with Maxtrix Play Loft
We are so excited to share another fabulous room update with our partners at Savvy Sassy Moms. When Nicole reached out to us about updating her daughter Abigail's room from a baby room with crib to a "Big Girl" room - featuring her first real bed - well, we were simply excited! Watching parents' excitement as they embrace each stage of their childrens' lives is truly a precious part of our (and your!) story. Say "hi" to Abigail! :)

Savvy Sassy Moms Maxtrix Room Reveal
Nicole worked with our Maxtrix design team to make sure she was choosing the best bed for Abigail's room space and age. Making bed decisions like a lower elevated bed (appropriate for her age), angled ladder (for safe climbing), and under-bed curtains (for play space underneath) ensures both Mom AND Child are happy. The end decision was a Maxtrix low loft with curtains called the Den! Hear more from Nicole directly in this #MyMaxtrix room reveal.

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Big Girl Room Goals

Our main goal for the new room was to change the bedroom from a nursery to a "big kid" room. While still keeping it young and fun. I knew the bed would be the main focal point in the room, so I wanted something that would stand out. Since she was transitioning from the crib to the new bed, I needed something that was going to keep my toddler's interest and make her want to sleep in the new bed.

Why Maxtrix?

I chose a Maxtrix bed because everything else I had found was either flat-packed Swedish design or something big, bulky and made of plastic that she would outgrow within a few years. My older daughter has a high loft style bed that Abigail was obsessed with, so finding something that was similar (so she feels like a big kid) but lower, so she's still safe, was ideal.

The fact that as she grows up I can later raise it to a high-loft sealed the deal. Essentially we are never "stuck" with something that isn't' going to work for her. Maxtrix will always have some solution from this point on to fit her changing needs.

Did Maxtrix Meet Your Needs?

My expectations of this bed were not only met but exceeded. The wood is heavy and feels sturdy even before I had put it together. Assembling it was easy, and I mentioned more than a few times to my husband how each piece fully locked into place with no gaps, missing pieces or wasted space. There were even hole covers so it looks very finished and high quality.

I would like to mention that I appreciated the modular design, and that I had options when the bed came in. Previous to it getting here, my husband and I were on the fence as to which side the slide should go on. Thankfully, we were able to decide that as it was being built. Maxtrix customer care was extremely helpful in preparing my space and picking out features for my bed.

Why Invest in Maxtrix?

If asked, I would tell any other mom or designer that Maxtrix is a solid choice for kid's furniture. It is definitely an investment, however, it's not frivolous. This will be the last bed that they will have for as long as they need it. With all the options, I have the option to reconfigure her bed as she grows. I see no reason why this won't be her bed up until she moves out of our house... making the bed worth every single penny.

The Playful Reveal

In the end, I think our room makeover turned out perfect. It's a beautiful mix of big kid and little kid, doesn't feel overly princess-y, while still being very girly and sweet. I am so in love with the finished product and I'm so glad we discovered Maxtrix.

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Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your MyMaxtrix shopping experience! (Read more of her personal reviews on the Savvy Sassy Moms blog!) Love what you see? The "Den" is one of our most popular, best-selling low lofts with curtains. This Play Loft is available in many color combinations, bed end styles, finishes and with slides. Take a look at a few more options:

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