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Reversible Ladders and Slides on Maxtrix Kids Beds

Reversible Ladders and Slides on Maxtrix Kids Beds
Often with furniture, what you see is what you get, and as shoppers there is nothing more frustrating than "almost" having the look that you want/need. Our furniture designers had you in mind when creating our key kid's bed components. The most common request is to move the slide or ladder from one side to the other. That's easy with Maxtrix. So, when you see a picture of one of our beds, simply know that you have configuration options; starting with reversible ladders and slides!

How is this so easily possible? Our beds are a part of our configurable furniture system. This simply means that using our core components, you can piece them together to create the perfect look for your space; similar to Lego building blocks! Furthermore, the same bed can change over time as your child grows.

Reversible Ladders & Slides

Reversible Ladders & Staircases

All Maxtrix elevated beds are designed with three entry options - staircase steps, angled ladder or straight ladder. These entries can be place on the front of the bed on either the right or left side as seen below.

Headroom above top bunk on Tall Bunk Bed

Our staircase entries sit just to the right or left of the bed (not in front like the ladders).

Desk Under High Loft Bed with Stairs
Ladders can also be placed on the headboard or the footboard. And, if you move and need to change the entrance at a later time, you can with reversible ladders.

Ladder Entrance on Footboard
For those looking at corner bunk or loft beds, there are two separate entrances to both beds up top. YES! You can switch these out. Try two straight ladders, one straight and one angled, one angled and one staircase... you have six possible combinations. Our design team will take your room measurements and help you select the best fit.

Triathlon Triple Corner Bunk

Triple Corner Bunk with Top Tents

Reversible Slides

When creating a fun play loft or bunk with slide, the first thing you'll want to do is to measure to make sure there is plenty of space in front of the landing area. This often will determine where the slide is placed. Just like our ladders, slides can go on the right or left of low or mid bunks or lofts.

With high bunks and lofts, we've created a safe way for kids to slide safely with our new slide platform. The platform is just like a staircase entry in that it will sit beside the bed on either side (adding width).

The slide platform also works for rooms that do not have enough space in front of the bed for the slide.

Design Your Bed

So, now you know all about our reversible ladders and slides. Ready to create the perfect look for your child's room? Start with a few of our basic buying guides and then contact our design team who is ready to take your room measurements and recommend the best placement of your slide and ladder. Simply email us or use our online live chat tool!