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How to Make Your Kids Wishlist & Make Sure Everyone Sees It!

How to Make Your Kids Wishlist & Make Sure Everyone Sees It!
We're often asked about different beds and furniture pieces featured on Instagram and Facebook (because we KNOW you're following us, right? ;)) Where can you find THAT cool kids bed? You navigate to our website and want to save it to show your friend, husband, wife, kids or grandparents... because many Nana's and Papa's LOVE to spoil their grandkids with the big ticket items. Parents everywhere rejoice when that happens.

So, let's create that kid's furniture wishlist and make sure everyone knows what's on it! Browse the site and add as many items as you'd like to your kids wishlist to refer back to, and, ultimately, select the best gift ever for your son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, friend or other loved one in your life.

How to Create Your Maxtrix WishList

First, start by zeroing in on a beautiful Maxtrix product. Let's say you saw you this girl's slide bed on Instagram:

Instagram Feed - Maxtrix

You fell in love with it for your little girl and decided to check it out on our website. You found it - this is the "Marvelous WP". (FYI - our friendly customer care team is always available to help you locate beds you may have seen on our social channels.) Next, you decide you want to keep this bed in mind, so you add it to your wishlist. Simply click the "Save to Wishlist" link:

Arrow to Wishlist

You'll then need to sign in or create an account with Maxtrix. This step is needed to ensure we save your items to your profile so you can easily revisit them. It will only take you a few seconds to complete.

Create an Account

You're in! (Welcome to an exciting new world, BTW!) Here's your bed now sitting in your WishList:

My Wishlist

At this point, you can stop or shop more and add items to your wishlist. If you choose to look around and want to hop back quickly to your wishlist, simply click the heart/wishlist icon at the top of the page inside the header:

Header Icon

But, let's say you're done as you think THIS is the one for your child. Let's share it with everyone who NEEDS to see it. Click the "Share Wishlist" icon on the bottom right:

Share Wish List

You'll then be prompted to add email addresses; simply comma separate for multiple addresses. Add a personalized message so they know it is from you!

Share Your WishList Email

Your wishlist has been shared!

WishList Shared

Your family member or friend will get a personalized email like this:

Email from Maxtrix

He or she can then click over to our site and see more product details (or shop themselves)! It's that simple. But, if you ever get stuck along the way, contact our live chat team on the site or email us at

Kid's handwritten wish lists have always been the cutest, right? Now we just have technology to help. :)


Happy Shopping!