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Kids Room Design with Specialty Kids Beds and Furniture

Kids Room Design with Specialty Kids Beds and Furniture
Are you shopping for kid's beds and furniture and just can't quite find the perfect setup? We're pleased to have an in-house design team dedicated to helping our customers create configurations that maximize their space and functional needs. Our complimentary kids room design services are available by live online chat from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

No matter the room challenge, we're here to help. Space limitations? Need to sleep multiple kids? Want to add storage, study AND play features? Because our beds are 100% configurable, our options are limitless. And, the best part is that you can change the look of your bed over time with our modular bed system. Here are some examples of how we've provided kids room design with unique kids beds and furniture.

Example 1: Small Room + Angled Ceilings

"I have a really small room with funky angled ceilings that are low in some parts – how can I best fit a bunk bed into that space?"

In this case, our designers helped to identify the exact measurements from the floor to the top part of the upper bed. Headspace was important for this family as the older child was going to be on the top bunk. Measuring the exact space from the surface of the mattress to the ceiling helped determine which height bed would fit in best.

Our designers recommended low profile mattresses for the top bed to maximize headroom. That idea made sense for the bottom bed, too. The 5” profile mattress makes bottom bunk spaces roomier too – especially with lower bunk designs.

We utilized the one tall wall to place the bunk bed and opted for an "L" shape bed configuration. That way the footboard of the bottom bed sat under the slanted ceiling. The back wall could also accommodate a tall dresser. The end look turned out to be a great solution that sleeps two happy boys in a very compact room.

Example 2: Custom Carpenter Look

"I am building a house and I am considering built-ins for our shared bedroom for four with bunk beds. Do you offer something that I don’t have to get a carpenter involved in?”

Our designers were able to customize an amazing quadruple bunk bed with a staircase right in the middle. In this case, the room was long enough to accommodate it.

Quad Bunk Bed
They added under bed storage drawers to maximize use the limited space available in the room.

The measurements of the twin XL bunks fit perfectly into the pre-existing space and the customer got a built-in look without having to get a carpenter involved!

Example 3: Narrow Room, Tall Ceilings

"I am trying to sleep 3 kiddos in one room – but I do not have that much space- but the ceilings are tall. Can we stack three beds on top of each other?"

Yes, you can! It's actually pretty easy with Maxtrix. Our kids room design team simply opted for one of our stacked triple bunks - three twin-size beds on top of each other. This helped the customer take advantage of the tall ceilings while also providing private quarters for all three children.

Example 4: Storage Haven

"My child has a lot of play clothes and loves to dress up. She, therefore, needs a lot of storage drawers. We, unfortunately, do not have the space for multiple dressers, and her closet is small.

Our storage lofts are perfect for this scenario. Raising the bed allows dressers to be stored underneath. Our designers chose a staircase entry for even more pullout drawer options.

Two Drawer Student Desk
And, because this young girl also really enjoyed drawing and coloring, a student desk with drawers and chair completed the look. They opted to put the desk on the end to maximize the square footage of this smaller kid's room.

Example 5: Adult Accommodations

"We love bunk beds for our son's room, but occasionally we need to accommodate older cousins and/or adult relatives as we do not have an additional guest room. Are there bunk beds that are big enough for adults to sleep comfortably?

This customer was in luck. With the launch of our brand new XL and Queen bunk and loft line, our designers had many more options to accommodate this request. They chose a twin bed over Queen. The top bed would be used when guests were in town, and the younger child would climb safely with an angled ladder.

The Queen size on the bottom is perfect for adults providing enough foot and head room to sleep comfortably.

Kids Room Design Services Available

Need a specialty bunk bed? Our design team can help create the perfect configuration using our modular kid's bed system. Get a custom look without involving a carpenter.

Here are a few examples with parallel bunk beds, triple bunks and quadruple bunks. Make the most of your space with Maxtrix - contact our kids room design team today!