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Kids Room Design and Inspiration with Maxtrix

Kids Room Design and Inspiration with Maxtrix
Have you discovered Maxtrix? We're the world's largest kid's furniture system with endless bed configuration options. Kids room design can be fun when you're working with furniture that can be customized and easily changed over time. Get inspired, and make the most of your kid's space with Maxtrix!

Want to see a more detailed list of our bed categories, dimensions and popular looks? Flip-thru our e-catalog, or request a mailed copy:

Kids Room Catalog

Start with a Basic Bed

A "system" just basically means that our furniture is made of components that can be changed out similar to Lego building blocks. Start with the core Maxtrix single bed and transform it to any look that fits the needs of your child's age, needs and style.

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Easily add guard rails to make this a toddler bed, a top tent for play time and a trundle bed for sleepovers!

Toddlers jumping
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Raise it Up to and Create Your Perfect Loft Bed

By adding leg extenders and an entry like a straight ladder, angled ladder or staircase, the single bed can become either a loft or bunk bed. Slides and fabrics make it a try play bed! Kids simply love our designs, fun options and enjoy being a part of the selection process. :)

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Easily remove the slide and play curtains, and create a new kids room design with a space saving study loft! The space under the elevated bed can be used for studying with one of our many desk options that work with any of our Maxtrix beds.

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Need storage space? Add a dresser to create a complete storage solution.

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Getting bigger? You can raise your Maxtrix bed up even more for "grown-up" take on Loft living. Our lofts are available in four different heights so it can literally grow up with your child.

High Loft with Desk for
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Sleep Two or More with Bunk Beds

Getting bigger? Need more accommodations for siblings or friends? Sleepovers are so much fun with bunk beds. Simply add a second bed to your Maxtrix configuration (or start here!) We have three different bunk bed heights with different traditional and specialty setups like corner, triple and quad bunk beds.

shop Twin over Full Bunks

Triathlon Triple Corner Bunk
shop Corner Bunks

Add play curtains to your bottom bunk or a slide to your bunk bed to achieve that playful look!

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Real MyMaxtrix Kids Room Sightings

Want to see which configurations our real customers have chosen and how they've styled their kid's rooms? Take a look at their kids room design, and share your pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram with #MyMaxtrix!

shop the Den

shop the Slope

Triple Corner Bunk with Top Tents
shop the Triathlon

Boy on Pullout Trundle Bed under Tall Bunk Bed
shop the Tall

Toddler Bed with Guardrail
shop the Basic Bed

Toddler Room Boy Sliding
shop the Home

Toddler Room with Top Tent Bed
shop the Yo

shop the Stadium 

shop the Slick

shop the Wingle

shop the Marvelous

shop the Low Rider

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