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Kids Queen Beds, Full XL & Twin XL over Queen Bunk Beds

Kids Queen Beds

While twin beds still remain the most popular bed size for younger kids, more parents are choosing larger sizes like kids queen beds. The size can be used for years to come from young boy or girl to grown college student. Maxtrix has a very popular line of sturdy and safe queen beds for kids, tweens and teens. Learn about the different types through our queen vs. full xl kids bed lengths guide and see best sellers like our  Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed. Get more inspiration from our Tall Beds and Long Beds for Kids Rooms post. 

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Queen High Bunk Bed

Queen High Bunk Bed

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Queen vs Full XL Kids Bed Lengths

First, it's important to learn the differences between bed lengths. From Twin and Twin XL to Full XL and Queen, Maxtrix offers all sizes for kids room. Here's a breakdown in the dimensions so you can see the difference most importantly between the Full XL vs Queen. See our full Fit & Measurement Guide.
Full XL vs Queen beds
When debating Queen vs Full XL bed lengths, keep in mind the popularity of Queen size bedding and accessories. But, when the space just doesn't quite allow for it, opt for the Full XL! If you can't decide, do both with the Full XL over Queen Bunk Bed. Photo by @Haleydegrella #MyMaxtrix

full xl over queen bunk bed

High Full XL over Queen Bunk Bed

Sturdy and Safe Queen Beds

Maxtrix Queen beds are made to suit kids and adults - there's space to spread out and grow into, which makes weight baring capacity especially important. All Maxtrix Queen beds have a metal underbed bar that increases weight capacity to 800 pounds per sleeping surface. These safe queen beds have sturdy slats, rock lock connector systems and high guardrails for elevated beds. So, while kids like to play and put queen bunk beds to the test, adults equally enjoy the sturdiness and comfortability of our Queen beds. See safety and quality information. 

sturdy queen loft bed

HEAVY XL NS : Queen High Loft Bed, Slat, Natural

Queen High Loft Bed

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If decorating or designing for a vacation home, rental home, beach or mountain home, often Queen bunk beds are choosen for extra sleeping space. These bunk beds add accommodations for as many as six in one room or bed design.  

twin xl over queen corner bunk bed

DECATHLON XL NS : Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL, Slat, Natural

Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL

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Types of Kids Queen Beds

There are many different types of kids queen beds. Basic Queen beds sit on the ground with the option to add under-bed storage or XL length trundles.

queen bed for kids

3160 XL NS : Queen Traditional Bed, Slat, Natural

Queen Traditional Bed

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Queen Bunk Beds are stacked and have one bed sitting on top of another. There are different bed heights like low, mid and high, as well as different ladder options like straight ladders, angled ladders, ladder on end or staircases on the end. 

queen bunk beds

Queen High Bunk Bed

Queen High Bunk Bed

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Queen Lofts are very popular for high school and college students. The space underneath is plentiful and doubles square footage for important living tasks like studying, hanging out and storing belongings. 

queen high loft with desk

HEFTY1 XL NS : Queen High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk, Slat, Natural

Queen High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk

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XL Twin over Queen Bunk Bed Setup

Staggered Twin XL over Queen bunk beds are most popular for shared rooms and guest suites. In this setup, the top bed isn't as wide as the bottom, which is perfect for a younger kid, sleepover friend or for a room that needs to accommodate both adults and kids. The adults sleep on the bottom of the XL Twin over Queen Bunk Bed and the chid up high. 

twin xl over queen bunk

The ladder can be situated in the front or off to the side. Even staircases work on these Queen beds for kids. 

xl twin over queen bunk beds

High Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed with Ladder

High Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed with Ladder

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Customize Your Kids Queen Bed

With all bunk beds, the space underneath can equally be utilized to add functionality to any room. Try optional underbed drawers, dressers or trundles for organization and sleepovers. Shop all underbed storage

xl twin over queen bunk

1605-002 : 2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer, White

2 Drawer Underbed Storage Drawer

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storage drawers under queen bunks

1610-001 : 2 Drawer Underbed Dresser Unit, Natural

2 Drawer Under Bed Dresser

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twin xl over queen bunk bed

1211-001 : XL Trundle Bed, Natural

XL Trundle Bed

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Queen Kids Bed Conversion Opportunities 

All Maxtrix Queen size beds can convert over time. For example, a Queen bunk bed today in kids room can later serve as two free-standing beds in guest room later. Combine high/low headboards and footboards so headboards are high and footboards are low. Any combination works with our Furniture System. Talk to our design team to customize a kids queen bed or convert your beds to a new design.

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