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Kids Corner & L Shaped Bed Buying Guide

There are several reasons to consider a corner loft or corner bunk bed for your home. Beyond the usual suspect - a boy's or girl's bedroom - these beds are also often seen in playrooms and rental properties. Why Maxtrix corner beds? Because they are safe, durable, quality beds made of hardwood. Pick your entrance (ladder or staircase) and color finish (white, natural and chestnut) and number of beds for the perfect configuration for your kid's bedroom or playroom.

top reasons to buy a corner or L shaped bed

  • Space Saver. You can stack two, three, or four beds in the corner of the room, maximizing space and sleeping many!
  • Fun Factor. Kids especially love to sleep high and bunk together. Introduce the fun easily with any of our Maxtrix configurations.
  • Storage Solutions. Opting for a kids corner loft gives you tons of storage space underneath. Leave it open for play area or add a desk, book shelf or fun rug/decor to create the space your child or children need.
  • Modern Style. Corner beds add a touch of contemporary flair to any room as the look is sleek and new.

Build Your Corner Bed Configuration

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