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Create a Cute Kid's Space with Mej Mej + Enter Our Giveaway

Create a Cute Kid's Space with Mej Mej + Enter Our Giveaway
Ready to decorate your child's space? How about a whole new look - or a cute corner - outfitted with solid wood kid's furniture and fun wall decals? And, the best part? You can easily change all of these elements later on with reusable and removable Mej Mej wall decals and configurable Maxtrix beds and furniture. It's the combination of two amazing brands that has us super excited to reinvent kid's rooms and playrooms!

Maxtrix Beds + Mej Mej Wall Decals

Fabric Decals by Mej Mej

We've recently outfitted a lot of our vignettes in our flagship store Maxtrix Kids Room with Mej Mej fabric wall decals. From personal experience, we know that these woven fabric decals are easy to apply to the wall. And, if you're like us and worry about the placement being slightly off (or creating a crease in the middle of the design), don't! The fabric is easy to reposition.

Mej Mej wall decals are precision-cut and look like they have been painted on the wall. In fact, you can't even tell they are in fact adhesive fabric decals. Each vignette looks as if we hired a painter to design a custom backdrop for each bed... little do our customers know that we changed each room into an adventure land within minutes!

Mej Mej is a family of artists. Cathy, Ellen and Julianna create the original artwork from their studios. The final products are produced and shipped directly from the Austin, Texas studio all over the world. On many of the collections, you can see the brush strokes of the artist’s paintbrush. The styles range from classic watercolor to modern graphic design.

When it's time to change the look, we will simply peel the decals off the wall, leaving no adhesive residue. They are all eco-friendly with archival non-toxic inks and CPSIA-compliant fabrics.

Reconfigurable Kids Furniture

Pair Mej Mej with any of our thousands of kid's bed configurations to complete the look. And, just like Mej Mej, our bed components are reusable. When you're ready to turn a single bed into an elevated bunk bed, we can make that happen with simple leg extenders and conversion kits. You're investing once in a kid's lifetime of ever-evolving interests and needs.

Maxtrix beds are made of solid wood and patented with a Rock Lock system for safety and quality. Turn these amazing beds into fun indoor forts, castles and play lands with our fabrics and slides.

Or, opt for a piece of furniture that works really well as a stand alone, like a toy box, that can slide into a storage low loft configuration down the road!

Between Maxtrix and Mej Mej, your room's theme options are endless!

Giveaway Details

Like what you see? That's great because we're excited to partner with Mej Mej on a fabulous giveaway you don't want to miss! Head over to @MaxtrixKidsFurniture on Instagram or Facebook and start the process to enter for a chance to win this play table/chairs set and $150 Mej Mej gift card (total giveaway value of $300)!

And, tell your friends. This giveaway is too good to keep a secret. Entries will only be accepted until May 6, so don't delay! The winner will be announced on social media Monday, May 7, 2018.

Don't want to take any chances in a giveaway? You can shop for Maxtrix products by locating a retailer near you or ordering on our website.