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Boys & Girls Bedroom Ideas - Just in Time for the Holidays!

boys & girls bedroom ideas
Designing and decorating a kid's room has always been (for the most part) fun for those involved. Themes and colors help to breathe life into a space that is certainly already filled with it! Our little ones love to be inspired by spaces that bring out their imagination and speak to their personality. It starts as young as toddlers but carries all the way through to the young adult stage - they want a bedroom that represents them! Their needs, interests and lifestyle. With that in mind, we want to inspire your next kid's room update! Based on the feedback of our customers and social followers, we have gathered our top six kid's bedroom ideas for both boys and girls!

And the best part? You can surprise him or her (or involve them!) in the decision AND get their room looking good before the Holidays. Let them share their new room with friends and family. Or, consider it a surprise Holiday gift! That's a great way to give your child a practical gift that you know they will keep for years to come.

boy's lofts & forts

Best Girls Bedroom Ideas

Our princess rooms are very popular with castles, slides and pretty fabrics. But we also know that girl's love simple looks. That sets a great backdrop for them to decorate with their style! So no matter which side of the spectrum you're daughter is on, we have some ideas for you to explore.

Girl's Rooms
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Girl's Daybeds

Our girl's daybeds make an excellent transition bed from Crib to "Big Girl Bed". Two builds on this basic look - add a front guardrail for safety and storage drawers underneath to keep the room pretty and tidy. We highly recommend our crystal knobs for additional glam!

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Girl's Princess Beds

You can add a lot of pretty accessories to any bed to really put a smile on your princess's face. :) When you take one of our low lofts and add curtains, towers, slides and top tents, you can create the most fabulous Princess Bed. When she grows up and no longer wants the play look, take down the accessories and create a whole new look with the same bed!

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Girl's Bunk Beds with Curves & Curtains

Our brand new curved panels are very popular with girls. They love how this looks - and it can be your bed end of choice for any of our beds. But, when transitioning to their first bunk bed (yes - girls LOVE them, too!), the curves provides a little touch of femininity. Again, the play curtains here are so much fun while they're young and work on lofts or bunks.

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Girl's Twin over Full Bunkbeds

If you are designing for a girl, you know they LOVE their space. That's why our twin over full bunk bed - the Slope - is a best seller. The bottom bed is bigger and perfect for snuggling, storytelling, playing and sleeping!

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Girl's Corner Lofts

Speaking of creating their "own space" if you have children who are going to share a room or you're designing for twins (or a girl who loves sleepovers!) then consider the High Rise. Two beds sit up high and the space underneath is perfect for studying and storing clothes. This is a true space saver. Middle and high schoolers will LOVE this look. And, this bed has also been used even for college students!

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Girl's High Loft with Desk

Our new "Star10" is probably the best thing that happened to our line of high lofts with desks. The new long desk format really provides ample space for studying and organization. The other highlight of this bed is the entry. Each one of those steps is a drawer, which really helps for storing books, clothes, electronics and more. Keep that space looking classy.

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Best Boy's Bedroom Ideas

First, moms and dads of boys, let's just mention that all of our beds are made of solid wood. They are high quality and built to withstand even an 800 lb. gorilla. ;) That doesn't mean we condone our little boys using our beds as trampolines, but know they are in really good hands with our products. So as they play and sleep, you can relax and know they are safe. Let's talk about what's trending now in boy's rooms - dark finishes like our chestnut, loft beds with plenty of storage and study, and play beds that are essentially in-door forts for the little ones. Take a look.

Boy's Room Ideas
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Boy's Toddler Beds with Top Tents

Play, play and more play! That's what little boys LOVE to do. We're going to help you start out your big boy room with the best toddler bed around. Why? Because this bed can transform into ANY other Maxtrix configuration. This is your base bed. And, right now, you can get it with a top tent, available in many fabric colors. The most popular is blue and white, but our new grey/blue/red combo is really starting to trend!

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Boy's Single Beds

Looking for a simple look - but one that provides extra sleeping quarters? Try a single bed with a trundle bed underneath! Clean up sleepovers easily - this look is perfect for holiday guests!

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Boy's Play Beds & Forts

Back to the fun factor! You can take that same toddler bed with top tent and raise it to a low loft when your child is ready and older and keep the fun going! At this point you can add a slide and a bottom curtain. Our indoor forts and play beds are popular and best sellers for boys ages 4-8.

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Boys Fort Bed with Slide
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Boy's Loft Beds with Storage

We can't even tell you how wildly popular this next boy's bed is around the country. Generally kid's rooms are smaller, which means you really have to optimize every inch of space. Our loft beds are ideal for this reason because you can add dressers, desks or bookcases underneath the bed. With easy access to everything - including storage in the pullout step drawers - your child can play and get dressed independently. Maybe you had those play curtains before. Consider replacing them with dressers as they get older and needs change!

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Boy's Bunk Beds

Oh yes. Bunk beds for boys. This is where most of our customers join us. As they search for high quality beds - understandably as one kid will be sleeping on top of another! - many find us and choose Maxtrix. We have everything from standard twin-over-twin to this ever increasingly popular twin-over-full bunk - the Sumo!

Maxtrix Sumo Twin Over Full Bunk
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Boy's Corner Loft Beds

Need to sleep 3? Have triplets? Vacation homes? Beach homes? Your boys are going to absolutely love our triple corner bunks. To them it feels like a tree house inside. They can sleep two up and one down and still have space for games and play.

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You can also stack the three beds and create another triple bunk bed configuration:

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Need Help Shopping?

Many are shopping in a hurry right now as we get ready to entertain for the Holidays. Keep in mind if you order in November, you can get your beds in time for Christmas and the Holidays. We have so many customers buying beds for their kids this season. Consider Maxtrix and let us know if you want help creating even more ideas for your kid's room. We have a team of friendly customer service reps available to help you design the best configuration. And keep in mind you can always change it easily later with Maxtrix! :)

Happy early Holidays, friends!