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Boys Bedroom Transformation with Maxtrix

Boys Bedroom Transformation with Maxtrix
Are you designing or decorating a boy's bedroom? If so, you've probably been researching the best bed(s) to fit the style and space of the room. Why not consider a bed that can easily be changed over time? Whether you are jumping in at the toddler, preschool, young boy or tween phase, don't feel like you're 'stuck' with 'THE bed.' Why not choose a base bed like the Maxtrix single bed, which can be transformed into a loft, bunk, corner or more.

Maxtrix is the world's largest kids furniture system - and because we know it can be a little overwhelming, we'd like to show you what you can create with Maxtrix, using Max's bedroom as an example:

Maxtrix Boys Room Transformation Door

Four Boys Bedroom Configurations Using One Base Bed

Walk into his bedroom! We have four boys bedroom setups that will provide some design ideas - all using the same base bed. And, don't forget the bedroom furniture! You'll see matching dressers, bookcases, toy chests, nightstands, desks and more for great furniture set inspiration.

Bedroom 1: Daybed with Trundle

Toddlers love our daybeds... and so do parents! Top tents convert any bed into an immediate fort, and let's face it, little boys need their forts. Parents love the safety and security of the side guardrail so their little ones don't make 'thuds' in the middle of the night! :)

Maxtrix Day Bed with Trundle

Shop this look: toddler beds with guardrails and top tents, trundle beds, toy chest, 6-drawer dresser

We're showing a trundle underneath the bed here, but you can also make these underbed storage drawers. Either option easily tucks away for more floor play space. Interested in a different toddler bed setup? Try this inspirational toddler page.

Bedroom 2: Bunk Beds with Slide

As your son gets older - or as you add another child - more toys and more sleepovers are added into the equation. Add another bed to the existing daybed to make it a low bunk bed and add a slide for more indoor fun. We kept the top tent, but you could also take it down and/or add curtains to the bottom bunk (see all bunks with curtains or top tents here).

Store the toys in stackable toy chests, which open in the front and top for easy access and quick toy cleanup. We kept the dresser but added a play table and chairs for crafting, coloring and homework. Maxtrix Bunk Beds with Slide

Shop this look: bunk beds with slides & play table & chair sets

Bedroom 3: Corner Loft Bunk

It looks like this family is definitely growing! We slide the bunk bed over to the side of the room and added a third bed, making this is a high corner loft bunk bed. Our corner lofts can be created with two, three or four beds, depending on your needs. If your child is older and school work has become a daily routine, adding a desk under the bed makes this room very functional but also practical - and extra space-saving. Elevating the beds and using the space underneath them makes even smaller rooms work! If you don't need the corner bed but would love the desk, try shopping our study desks to see more options.

Maxtrix Triple Corner Loft Bed

Shop this look: corner beds & storage 2 drawer units

Bedroom 4: Loft Bed & Bunk Beds

Privacy and individual space is always a concern for older kids. As your boys reach tween and teen stages, consider giving them a bit more space by separating the corner loft into two separate beds. Seen here is a high loft with desk and bunk beds. The dresser and storage units stayed in the room but were moved to more practical locations. The bottom bunk can now also be used as a "sofa" hangout and reading nook. Maxtrix - Boys Bunk & High Loft Bed

Shop this bedroom: study beds & bunk beds with straight ladder

See this bedroom in action! Watch how easily this boy's bedroom transforms into four different designs.

Are you interested in buying a Maxtrix bed but don't know where to start? We have several buying guides available or call our friendly customer service, and they'll help you design the perfect boy's bedroom!

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