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How to Find the Best Quality Holiday Gifts for Kids Under 10

How to Find the Best Quality Holiday Gifts for Kids Under 10
The shopping countdown is now on! Only a couple more weeks until Christmas!

We’re right in the thick of the “I want, I want, I want” season. However, we are convinced that kids really do not know what they want for Christmas. Having lived through a few years of them begging for the greatest toy ever - just to see it thrown into the corner or broken a few days later – we have learned some lessons about finding meaningful children’s Holiday gifts.

When picking a present, it is just as important to consider the gift-giver as the receiver. Not only does picking something out say quite a bit about you, it may also have an impact on how you enjoy the festivities – or the whole coming year!

Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Present for Kids

Try to give something that has lasting value. Let their clothes and shoes be the only things they grow out of in 6 months flat. It’s time for a change in gift-giving strategy.

- Invest in time together. The memories we make together have the longest staying power for sure. Something as simple as a fabulous book series, a great new comfy pillow or reading nook and a commitment to read 20 minutes each night means more in the long run than all video games combined. Investing in vacations, your home (or your family’s) or hobbies is always a good choice.

Reading Nook Under Bed Tent
- Quality over Quantity. Create a tradition of building on something special like adding pieces to a great quality train set or new bedroom furniture pieces to the perfect little girl’s Princess room. Since the holidays do tend to come every year, it really helps to have a go-to present that you know will be appreciated. Maybe start with something memorable like a Princess bed:

- Versatility is everything. You know they are growing up way too fast… so make sure what you invest in can grow up with them. It may be tough to imagine the needs of your child 5 years from now, but there are plenty of companies out there that do this for a living (Maxtrix® included!), so get out there and seek their advice on how you can make kids happy today and build the right foundation for the future.

Then-Now - chestnut room
- Go for the unexpected! Everyone – especially kids - expects a holiday present to be neatly wrapped with a bow on top. You can make quite an impact if you create an unexpected, special surprise that takes place outside of the “main stage” – usually the living room. Watch how this little girl reacts when she discovers her own bedroom has been transformed with a cute Maxtrix® Bed – if that’s not a great Holiday Surprise, I don’t know what!

What I love about this is that she gets to sleep in her Princess bed during the Holidays and many more nights to come. Why should her dolls get all the fun when she can have a real life playhouse all for herself?

No matter what you choose this Holiday Season, the Maxtrix® team hopes you have a restful and peaceful time and enjoy these special moments with your kids and grand kids. We know we will!

PS: If you do decide to give the special child in your life a Maxtrix® product, you can order until November 30 for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Plus, shipping is free (for orders over $100)!