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Best Bunk Bed Rooms for Twins or Triplets

Best Bunk Bed Rooms for Twins or Triplets
Blessed with two, three, four or more? Have lots of grand kids? is your home "sleepover central"? Designing a room to accommodate more than 1 child can be challenging, but not when you start with Maxtrix. We've carefully considered room layouts, functionality needs and aesthetically pleasing designs for twins, triplets, or two or more siblings, friends or nieces and nephews sharing a room.

First, consider a solid, durable bed. We're talking about multiple children potentially at once sitting, laying, climbing, or playing on your bed at one time. Maxtrix beds are made of solid wood, they're durable and built with the highest quality standards to ensure your children sleep and play safely. Want to know more about beds? Find out why you should choose Maxtrix, and then have some fun looking at some of our top bunk bed rooms for twins or triplets.

Traditional Bunk Beds

Many look at two single beds for a shared bedroom, but if you are limited with space or just want to introduce the fun factor, then we highly recommend taking the classic approach and starting with a traditional bunk. All of our beds are available as twin or full sizes and in three shades (white, natural or chestnut), so just keep that in mind as you search. Two of our favorite classic bunks are the Got It (angled ladder) and the Get It (straight ladder). Clean lines, squared frame, and ideal for compact shared rooms. The trundle underneath the bottom bunk helps to sleep three. It is easily stored away when unused.

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Natural Solid Wood
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If you like a little more sleeping space, then try a twin over full bunk. The Sumo is ideal for larger sleeping quarters and its staircase entry provides extra safety for climbing.

Maxtrix Sumo Twin Over Full Bunk
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But, you can also get a twin over full with a safe angled ladder as seen here with the Slope.

Slope Twin over Full Bunk
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You can add accessories like slides, top tents or curtains to any of these bunk beds to make a room ready for plenty of indoor fun! Here is one of our favorites - the Laugh. As a low bunk, it's perfect for short ceilings.

play bunk girls
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Bunks that Sleep Three

If you have triplets or three children close in age sharing a bedroom, then we have additional solutions specifically for you. Our two most popular options are the triple stacked bunk or a corner triple bunk. These could also be the perfect option for a vacation home, or any place needed to accommodate lots of kids in tight spaces.

With the triple bunk, we literally stack three beds on top of each other for a large and in charge vertical solution.

Stacked Triple Bunks
If you don't have high enough ceilings to stack three, look at our corner bunks. One great benefit of a corner bed is the option to include storage or study furniture under the loft side. Think of the corner bunk as a "L-shaped" bed. Here's a visual with on of our best selling corner bunks, the Troika:

Corner Loft with Desk Under
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Quadruple bunks

Full-house? Of course, if you have four, you could get two separate bunk beds, but we've made it even easier to accommodate four with our quad bunks! These safe and durable beds are specialty products of Maxtrix, and we know how to build them! Connect two bunks together with a staircase in between as seen in our popular quad bunk model called the Cool:

Cool Quad Bunk
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We like the Big Bang for vacation homes as it sleeps many with the full beds on bottom!
Big Bang Quad Bunk
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Or, go the corner bed route with four beds. How cool is this Quattro:

Quattro Corner Bunk
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And, there's plenty more. Start shopping our Classic Bunks, Twin over Full Bunks, Play Bunks or Triple & Quad Beds