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Best Bunk Bed Review from Three Little Seedlings

Best Bunk Bed Review from Three Little Seedlings
We first discovered this sweet little family from Three Little Seedlings last year when they showed us their super cute boy's shared bedroom on Instagram. These kids KNOW how to have fun!

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The family has owned their Maxtrix bed for more than three years and knew it was the right fit for their needs at first sight.

-As soon as we saw this bed at the kids furniture store, we knew it would be perfect.-
They chose the "Mash" bunk bed as a base model, which can be "L" shaped or switched to a parallel loft configuration like this. Like with any Maxtrix® Bed you can customize your bed, so they opted for a staircase entry on one side instead of a ladder at the front. Contact our friendly customer service team to create your perfect solution.

Parallel bunk bed natural
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This look also includes a slide, top tent and tower to make it a real play bed! Their Mom, Melanie, saw that we released several new fabric color combinations in our 2016 Fall Collection and decided they were ready to make a simple change to their bunk beds. That's how great our system is for parents. You have the option to update your room easily! They decided to change out the top tent and tower colors for a slightly different look! And, it looks like the grey/blue/red combo is a winner:

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The top tent in blue/red is a great "peek-a-boo" play space. And, a third child can sleep easily with that pullout trundle bed!

-Different Colors-
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Even little brother is joining in on the fun (with parental supervision, of course ;)):

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This family is pleased with their Maxtrix bed!! We can't wait to see what changes they make next to their bed!

-Hands down-
Show us how you styled your Maxtrix bed on Instagram using #MyMaxtrix for a chance to be featured, too! And, as always, if you want help configuring the best bunk bed for your kids, consult our friendly team! They are available via our online chat tool or by email!