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Ready for School: Picking the Right Kid's Desk

Ready for School: Picking the Right Kid's Desk

Getting ready for school is so exciting - there are lots of supplies and accessories to shop for and working through the shopping lists can get quite overwhelming. It's no wonder many parents completely forget some of the basic home essentials to create a productive study environment for their children.

Like the desk.

Desks can sound so boring, and it’s true that our kids only correlate them with hours of homework and piles of paper. Anything we can do to help them create, dream and think ambitiously has to be a ‘tick’ in the “best parent” column. So, let’s find the right desk for kids.

Pick the right school desk

Shop. Have fun. And, remember these important children’s desk tips:

Be Practical with Your Kids Desk

Vintage school desks may be fun, but are they as practical as you need and/or want them to be for hardworking youngsters?

Eclectic Home Office by Phoenix Artists & Artisans Mignonne handmade

While the style is so appealing and fun for vintage-collectors (or admirers) your child may not be as pleased with the comfort and limited space.

A good solution would be a kids sturdy desk that lasts years and grows up with them.

Small Desk Wood
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So, if you love the vintage look but need more practicality, maybe a more modern schoolhouse chair would suffice.

Single Wooden Desk Chair

Desk Chair Options
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Think Transitional Design

Using a traditional style children’s desk and perhaps even a matching bedroom suite - which is timeless and elegant.

shop desks with hutches

You can play with modern accessories for a collective, fun mix. Your furniture would never go out of style, but interesting add-ons would satisfy your vintage craving. Opt for that mid-century desk lamp… something that can be changed out over time.

Hide or Store the Desk Tools

It isn’t hard to balance needs with fun. We need our child’s desk to be functional, but we know it will also become a little untidy. Embrace the mess. Store away printers, notebook paper, pencils, pens, art supplies, rulers – THE WORKS – in your desk drawers. To do this, you’ll have to go practical. Choose a desk with pullout drawers for homework/desk supplies.

White Desk with Pink Crystal Knobs
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If your child is overflowing with clutter, here are some desk accessories to consider, like our Max Pack, which can hang off the back of the chair.

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Traditional Toy Storage

You could also take advantage of a freestanding kids desk and go for some wall storage. Use this long kid's desk:


Which, by the way, has a really functional tilt top and pencil groove:

Kids Long Study Desk
And get creative with wall storage like this:

Eclectic Kids

Tweens or teenagers who love to read may enjoy a kids desk with hutch, which offers a better bookcase solution. Extra storage means fewer items on the floor, desk and bed. Some hutches even come with corkboards for pictures, letters, artwork, homework deadlines, calendars and more… the possibilities are endless.

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Go for the Study Bed

You could also combine the desk with a kids bed to optimize space and create a 'framed' study environment or save even more space with the rollaway desk option. There are so many configurations to consider by putting a desk under one of our solid wood loft beds.

Lofts with Desks - Updated
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Sharing a room? No problem. Here is one of our latest corner bed looks that will help create a fun study environment for all.

Corner Bed with Desk

So, don’t fret. Your kid’s bedroom and desk can be fun and inviting for your child and… you! Simply pick the right one! (Easier said than done, right?)