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Back To School Furniture Guide - Middle to High School

Back To School Furniture Guide - Middle to High School
We've entered the stage of independence! As our children age and become tweens and teens, their personalities have blossomed and they rely less on quality time with family members and more on get togethers with friends or alone time to explore their individuality. We'd like to help you create the bedroom they need to study, learn and grow during middle and high school.

Top Bedroom Furniture for Middle and High Schoolers


Study Tips for Teens

Create a quiet space free from distraction- A dedicated work space helps keep students focused and centered. Quiet doesn't have to mean silent. Some children work better with music playing while they study and do homework. Especially if they are in a particularly loud setting from other siblings or outside noises. Creating a space just for your child to focus on their work promotes consistency and builds good habits.

Organization- As children grow so does their workload in school. Give them the space to store all the supplies they need to be successful. Adding a hutch to a desk or a bookcase can help keep all your study materials within reach. Or, a long desk that has extra storage space for notepads, books and drawing utensils.

Keep it personal and unique- Accessorize! Decorate and encourage your child to personalize their space. Creating a positive study environment is just as important as keeping it clean and organized. Hang good grades on the wall as reminders of how awesome your child did on that math test. Inspirational quotes are fun, and easy to find and print from Pinterest.


Top Furniture for Middle and High Schoolers

From beds to every complimentary piece that you need to create a functional - and indpenedent - back to school environment for your middle or high schooler, check this popular list. All of our lofts and bunks are available in low, mid and high/ultra high options, so go for the height that works best for your child and your room measurements. The height under the bed is important as it provides the space for functionality underneath - from long desks to dressers and bookcases. (For all of our Maxtrix customers out there who want to reconfigure your bed, we can help!)

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And, don't forget about our shared bedroom options. Corner bunk beds provide sleeping quarters for more than one child AND you have dedicated space for study or relaxation.

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Something for Everyone!

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