Making Space in a Small Kid's Room: The Box Low Loft with Desk

We know that, typically, kids have small rooms; particularly elementary school aged children. And, while that may seem like a disadvantage, we offer solutions that make their square footage work and even seem bigger! Low lofts are ideal for this purpose. By elevating the kid's bed, you've freed up floor space and allowed for storage and study underneath the bed. This is where the "Box" by Maxtrix Kids comes in! We like to think it's a perfect solution for small rooms. Here's why. Read More

Kids Play Table and Chairs for Young Children

Hint: we are thinking solid wood, space saving design, versatility and a little cute factor! No matter if you have a toddler, preschooler or kindergartner: Young children love to have a play table and chair set for coloring, crafting, puzzles, blocks and more! Setting up a more structured environment with a table and chairs that fit kids height and provide a comfortable space for some focus time can make a real difference in how kids engage with art and books, and learn to play with each other. Read More

Back To School Furniture Guide - Middle to High School

We've entered the stage of independence! As our children age and become tweens and teens, their personalities have blossomed and they rely less on quality time with family members and more on get togethers with friends or alone time to explore their individuality. We'd like to help you create the bedroom they need to study, learn and grow during middle and high school.

Top Bedroom Furniture for Middle and High Schoolers


Study Tips for Teens

Create a quiet space free from distraction- A dedicated work space helps keep students focused and centered. Quiet doesn't have to mean silent. Some children work better with music playing while they study and do homework. Especially if they are in a particularly loud setting from other siblings or outside noises. Creating a space just for your child to focus on their work promotes consistency and builds good habits.

Organization- As children grow so does their workload in school. Give them the space to store all the supplies they need to be successful. Adding a hutch to a desk or a bookcase can help keep all your study materials within reach.

Or, a long desk that has extra storage space for notepads, books and drawing utensils.

Keep it personal and unique- Accessorize! Decorate and encourage your child to personalize their space. Creating a positive study environment is just as important as keeping it clean and organized. Hang good grades on the wall as reminders of how awesome your child did on that math test. Inspirational quotes are fun, and easy to find and print from Pinterest.

Shop this Desk - Craft

Top Furniture for Middle and High Schoolers

From beds to every complimentary piece that you need to create a functional - and indpenedent - back to school environment for your middle or high schooler, check this popular list. All of our lofts and bunks are available in low, mid and high/ultra high options, so go for the height that works best for your child and your room measurements. The height under the bed is important as it provides the space for functionality underneath - from long desks to dressers and bookcases. (For all of our Maxtrix customers out there who want to reconfigure your bed, we can help!)

Shop this Desk - 2 Drawer
And, don't forget about our shared bedroom options. Corner bunk beds provide sleeping quarters for more than one child AND you have dedicated space for study or relaxation.

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Shop this Bed - High Rise

Something for Everyone!

Does your middle or high schooler have younger siblings? We've got you covered with our preschool and elementary school ideas!

Back To School Furniture Guide: Elementary

Is your child starting kindergarten? Returning to elementary school (K-5)? We know your emotions are high. This is a new world for them. Mornings seem rushed, homework gets real and evenings seem full. But, this is also a fun time for children with the introduction of sleepovers and new activities. Let's transition them from preschool to elementary school easily with a new room setup! We can help you change it by converting your current Maxtrix toddler furniture or starting fresh with new items from Maxtrix!

Top Bedroom Furniture for Children in Elementary School


Elementary Beds

Elevated beds like bunk beds and loft beds are very popular with children ages 6-12. They love the idea of climbing to sleep! If you already have a toddler bed from Maxtrix, you can use leg extenders to elevate your bed to a low or mid loft (perfect for this age group), and perhaps add another bed underneath to make bunks or beside it to make a corner loft. Add an optional trundle bed underneath for guests or sleepovers!

Single Beds | Low Loft Beds | Corner Bunk Beds | Trundle Beds

New to Maxtrix? Start fresh with one of our solid wood beds! All of our single beds, bunks or lofts are available in twin or full sizes, and you can select your color finish and end style. Help them climb safely with our staircase beds (with extra wide steps... and each is a pullout drawer!), or opt for an angled or straight ladder if there are space limitations. And, feel free to change the configuration over time! Play beds today become study beds tomorrow!

shop low loft beds

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Shop this Bed - Easy Rider

K-5 Desks & Storage

Homework can be a battle at this age. It's important to set your kids up for a successful study time with a space that helps them focus... away from siblings and distractions. Desks help create ergonomically correct setups for kids to use stationary computers and learn how to function in a real "work" environment (because we're not ALWAYS on the go!) Investing in a versatile piece of furniture affords you the option to place the desk in your kid's room or in another designated area of the home. Maxtrix desks look great next to 'adult' furniture and stand the test of time. ;)

StudySpaceBlock Children also collect many books during this age range. Their reading interests escalate and they need a great spot like our bookcases to store their favorite reads! Help your kids learn storage organization with Maxtrix bookcases or storage cubes. All of our furniture (dressers, desks, storage cubes, toy bins and bookcases) slide underneath our loft beds - creating a storage bed - which can also be reconfigured at a later date. Here are some of our most popular pieces of furniture for elementary aged kids:

Shop this Bed - Chairs

There's Something for Everyone!

The years are flying by and your kids are getting older!! If you're ready to transition to a tween or teen room, we've got some room inspirations for you. Go ahead and take a look!


Back to School Furniture Guide: Preschool

It seems like everyone in the home gets nervous when it's time for our young toddlers to start preschool. The reality is that they probably handle it better than we do as parents. ;) There are are a few things, however, we can do in the home to help them transition well. Most importantly, let's make sure they are well rested and ready for a half or full day of fun. This starts with setting their bedrooms up well. We can help you there.

Top Bedroom Furniture for Preschoolers


Preschool and Toddler Beds

Sleep! It's perhaps the most important ingredient to our preschoolers success. Start practicing good routines now during the summer months so they don't get into any bad sleeping habits. Here are five tips for summer sleep success.

SleepBlockPreSchool The right bed helps to ensure your preschooler is getting a good night's sleep. Here are some of our most popular toddler beds - keep in mind that all of our beds are customizable in that you can choose the color finish, headboard and footboard styles and optional accessories like top tents and curtains.

Shop this Bed - Yeah
Shop this Bed - Yo

Toddler and Preschool Tables + Desks

It takes more than just a good night's sleep! Organization is a skill that even young preschoolers can begin learning at home. Start with simple actions like folding pants or stacking artwork or papers. This will help your child start a good habit that he or she can then carry with them to preschool. A great dresser or toy bin can make all the difference at clean-up time. A play table and chairs set can help them get setup for craft or homework time and move easily into a focused state of mind. And, soft, cute accessories can make the room fun! Here are some of our favorites for toddlers and preschoolers:

Shop this Bed - Tidy

There's Something for Everyone!

Are your children growing out of their preschool years? Don't worry... you can continue on with your Maxtrix bed and furniture and rearrange or convert them into a completely different look. Let's get you started with some ideas in our elementary-aged room post:


Early Bird's Guide to Back to School Furniture

The long days of summer are here! And, while kids have just gotten out of school, when it comes to buying furniture, you may want to start planning ahead so you receive your furniture in time for back to school. Here are a few simple tips to consider when getting your child set up for back to school. Read More

Moving Over the Summer? Need New Kid's Furniture?

We all know that more families move over the summer than any other time of the year. When moving into a new home, many homeowners also find "new furniture" on the to-do list. Maxtrix is here to help during this important - and fun - transitional time. Want your furniture before it's time to go Back to School? Don't miss your deadline to purchase! Reference our timeline so you know when to purchase! Read More

A Low Loft Bed with Stairs and Desk that Delivers

Little ones love the idea of an elevated bed, but parents usually air on the side of caution. So, we created a very safe, low-to-the-ground option that works for both Mom/Dad AND son/daughter. Meet the "Great" low loft with staircase and optional desk. It's available in white, natural and chestnut finishes, and it JUST might be the perfect addition to the summer refresh your child's room needs before Back to School. Read More

Saleha Abbasi Surprises her Son with a Maxtrix Bed!

We were so honored when Saleha Abbasi found our beds on Instagram and decided to work with us on her son's new bedroom design. Take a look at the Stadium loft bed after install! Read More

Are your Kids Ready for Bunk Beds?

How can you be sure they are ready for this fun sleeping arrangement? Take it from one of our most seasoned bunk bed experts (yes, we have quite a few of them!): here are some insider tips of the things you may want to consider before making your decision Read More

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