Top Five Bunk Beds for Beach Homes and Vacation Homes

Ready to get your vacation or beach home ready for the summer? It's that time of year when we all start to anticipate our summer travels with excitement of sunny skies, family and friend time and sleepover fun! For many, it's all about accommodating as many as you can in your beach or vacation home. Adding solid wood bunk beds to guest and kid's room quarters will maximize space and allow for the max party in each space. Take a look at our most popular five bunk beds for vacation and beach homes. Read More

Triple Corner Bunk for Boys Room: #MyMaxtrix with Motivo Home

One of our favorite moments of the day is opening up our Instagram or Facebook and seeing beautiful kid's rooms styled by very talented Interior Designers. We recently met Andrea Noel from Motivo Home when she showed an amazing setup for a shared kid's bedroom. Featuring our Triathlon triple corner bunk, this room setup is great for sleeping three kids comfortably! Read More

Tall Bunk Bed for a Growing Boy: #MyMaxtrix Story

Meet Charlie. He's a fun-loving, energetic 5-year-old who HAD to have a bunk bed! ;) Like most young boys, Charlie loves to climb, play with friends, lounge and read his favorite comics. His Mom also loved the idea of a bunk bed longevity and future sleepovers, but she was equally interested in creating a safe and practical environment for her son. After shopping around, they both locked in on the Maxtrix Tall Bunk Bed! Read More

What Size Bed is Right for My Child?

For kids, it’s an impactful experience to get your own “grown up” furniture – it’s a big event! But, how do you know what type and size bed is right for your child? Well, the great news is that with Maxtrix you can change your Maxtrix bed over time. Think of it like a Lego brick - you can build and re-build your perfect bed setup all the way from toddler to college. Read More

Tall Beds & Long Beds for Kids Rooms

Need extra bed length? Tall kid's room? Have the space to go bigger? Make your kid's bed suitable for growing kids, teenagers and adults with Maxtrix XL, Queen and Tall Beds. Read More

Big Boy Toddler Bed Reveal: A Real MyMaxtrix Story

We first met Chelsea Powers on Instagram when we saw her son's toddler room for the first time. Harrison, a vibrant two-year-old, was so excited to see his "big boy" bed for the first time. Chelsea used to work in the furniture industry and was very familiar with the quality of our Maxtrix beds. When it was time to upgrade her son's room, she immediately thought Maxtrix! Here from Chelsea directly in this real customer #MyMaxtrix story. Read More

The "Star" of the Show: Our Best Kids High Loft Bed with Stairs

It's beautiful, and it's our best selling kids high loft with stairs - meet the "Star" of any kid's bedroom. We've restocked our Star inventory (it's so popular it often sells out), so don't miss your chance to purchase this beautiful high loft bed with stairs. Each step pulls out as a storage drawer. Plus, this loft leaves plenty of space for a desk or storage underneath. Dressed up with optional crystal knobs, this bed is definitely a sophisticated take on loft living! Read More

Toddler Room Grows with Child: A Real MyMaxtrix Story

We often talk about the Maxtrix Story, but it's super exciting to see our customers live out that vision. Gunnar has already experienced three different Maxtrix configurations for his young toddler room. Let's hear from his mother, Renee, about their adventure of watching Gunnar's bed grow up with him. Read More

Top Tips & Buying Guides for Shopping Kid's Beds

Exciting news! If you're shopping for a kid's bed, you've found the right resource. We're dedicated to making quality kid's furniture and then helping you select or create the perfect configuration for your child's bedroom or playroom. Here's a quick roundup of our most read Buying Guides, Expert Articles and Featured Beds. Want more input? Our design team is available on our live online chat tool or by email. Read More

How to Measure Your Room for a Kids Bed - 6 Expert Tips

So you found the perfect kids bed – but will it fit your child's room? Knowing the size of the room is a great first step, but it’s not as easy as just knowing the length and depth. Let’s walk through how to get the most out of your space. Read More

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