Slide Bed Checklist - Sleep & Slide Safely

Looking at kid's beds with slides? We understand... children LOVE sliding out of bed in the mornings. It's a great way to greet the day with smiles and laughter. With the joy that comes along with owning a fun slide bed, there are also understood safety concerns. We've addressed them with our top slide bed safety tips!

slide bed safety

1- Address the Slide Base

First, make sure there is ample space in front of the slide so children land without bumping into walls. Remove any furniture in front of the base, and make considerations for furniture pieces that might take up more space when in use (i.e. chair that rolls out, drawers that pull out, etc). We recommend at least four feet of space in front of the base of the slide to avoid any type of impact.

Low Bunk Bed with Slide

2- Create a Soft Landing

Consider using an area rug under your slide bed; especially if you have hard wood floors. Rug pads and area rug materials help to create a padded, soft landing for your children.

As parents we quickly "size up" slides on playgrounds by looking at side height and steepness. The same applies to indoor slide beds as well. Opt for curved ends, which helps create that soft landing.

3- Consider the Bed Entrance

Kids need to climb up beds in order to slide down, right? Therefore, don't forget about the bed entrance. Are ladders and staircases sturdy and deep enough for easy climbing? Do they steps have grooves to help keep little feet in place? Choose the right entrance - whether angled ladders, straight ladders or staircases.

4- Opt for a Platform

We love the slide platform option with monkey bars as they provide even extra safety at the top of the slide. Small hands hold on while sitting down and prepping for take-off. Also, slide platforms provide the ability to angle the slide more in front of the bed so the slide can run parallel to the bed, rather than attaching it to the end facing into the room. With this setup, you can add a slide even into narrow rooms where traditional slides won’t fit.

For high bunks and loft, the slide platform is a step down, making the slide height the same as a low loft. So, even a tall bed can be equipped with a safe slide.

5- Address Side Panels

Once kids are on the top, elevated beds, parents are always concerned about them falling out (which we totally understand). Minimize those concerns with elevated side panels, which keep kids on the straight and narrow. While Federal Minimum regulations require that safety rails are 5” (13cm) higher than the mattress surface, we strongly recommend you look for a bed and mattress combination that exceeds this limit.

6- Use Manufacturer Products Only

When adding rails or bed accessories to slide beds, only use manufacturer approved products to ensure the right fit and maximum safety. Avoid adding a slide from a different manufacturer than your bed.

Under Bed Curtains

7- Choose a Low Profile Mattress

Use low profile mattress to maximize bed rail height at top of slide for safe take-off. Remember that the taller the mattress you use, the lower the safety rail becomes, so look for low profile mattresses for the top bunks or loft beds.

8- Create House Rules

Involve your kids and create family "house rules" for your slide bed. Teach and enforce safe behavior like climbing up the ladder one person at a time, slide down after the last slider is completely out of the landing space, no jumping on top bed, sit on bottoms when sliding, etc. Be careful never to encourage un-safe playing. Make sure you block access to unsafe areas and your children are aware of what’s safe and what’s not.

9- Set Age Limits

While slides fit on low, mid and even tall bed heights, we suggest waiting until age 6 before including a slide bed in your room design. (However, you know your child best.) Also, keep in mind that sliding off a low loft is safer than a mid or high.

10- Remove with Guests

Unsure if friends and guests should use the slide bed? Detach the slide and/or ladder when small kids are in the home. This eliminates any possibility of slide injuries occurring.

Ladder on Top Bunk Bed

Slide Bed Safety Design Team

The great news is that ALL Maxtrix Kids slide beds check off these safety boxes. Kids sleep comfortably and safe while also enjoying fun playtime during the day with the slide. Add a slide to almost any Maxtrix bed, and create the perfect slide bed configuration for your child's space or play room. Consult our design team for help!

Slide Beds | Shop Top Selling Bunks & Lofts with Slides!

Why climb down from your bed when you can SLIDE?! That's guaranteed kid fun all year long. Think about the laughter that will echo down the hallway and the permanent smile that will be imprinted on your child's face when he or she owns a slide bed. Children love sliding out of bed, and going TO bed just got so much cooler. Read More

Zoe Loves her Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs

Our hearts just melted when we met sweet Zoe and her fun-loving brother, Max. Zoe is the proud new owner of our best selling twin over full bunk bed with stairs - the Sumo! As a statement piece for any room, we couldn't wait to see what her mom, Mandy, did with the room design. Certainly, it's absolute perfection.

Zoe first saw this bunk bed at a friend's house in Charleston and immediately fell in love with the stairs. Unlike a straight ladder, she felt very comfortable going up and down from the top bunk to the ground level. Even more, her mother promised Zoe she would get the Sumo for her birthday this year in their new home, and she honored that promise. :)

Zoe's favorite part is the top bunk. She loves the elevated privacy and place to escape for quiet times, playing with dolls and reading. It's truly her personal "space" without little brother around.

There's no doubt Max also loves the top bunk. Because who doesn't love sleeping up high? :) Having two beds in Zoe's room gives her the option to have a sibling or friend sleepover.

Top bedside trays allow her to set down drinks, snack cups and books without having to climb down. Also, the storage space minimizes spills and keeps the bed clean, too!

Furthermore, Zoe has soft Maxpacks next to the bottom bunk (which can also go on the top) for storing her favorite books and stuffed animals. Maxpacks are available in many color combinations and two sizes.

Mom loves that the Sumo is a solid wood bed and very sturdy. She actually looked at other similar beds but eventually opted for high-quality construction. Above all, she's glad she chose this twin over full bunk bed with stairs for the longevity of the product.

The kids are putting the Sumo to the test daily, and it's certainly meeting their safety considerations. Tall top guardrails keep them safe while sleeping or playing. And, as a bed that was designed to withstand up to 800 pounds, it's not moving during playtime.

Additional storage in this configuration keeps Zoe's room neat and tidy. In fact, she uses the staircase pullout step drawers and the optional under-bed storage drawers as her clothing dresser, giving Zoe easy access to her favorite looks.

Finally, the room is completed with a matching nightstand and pullout drawer. All Maxtrix furniture items are available in white, which means you can easily build a matching furniture set.

The entire family is thrilled to own the Sumo twin over full bunk bed with stairs. If you love what you see, go ahead and look at these featured products below. Thank you Zoe, Max & Mandy for sharing your room reveal with us!

Shop This Look

shop the Sumo

shop this Underbed Storageo

shop MaxPacks

shop Bedside Trays

shop this Nightstand

Create a Custom Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs

Looking for something a little different but love the concept? Try chatting with our design team to creat a custom look for your kid's room. We're available by live chat or email us directly. Our complimentary services are listed below. Let's get started together!

Maxtrix Giveaway with Beddy's Beds Fall 2018

FALL G•I•V•E•A•W•A•Y TIME! We are pleased to partner once again with Beddy's for an AMAZING giveaway. How would you like to own one of our amazing low loft beds with slide AND a Beddy's gift card to shop their practical and stylish zipper bedding for kids? Here's your chance...

The Marvelous is one of our top sellers. With solid wood construction, this sturdy low loft will stand the test of time. And, with a fun slide, it's certainly "kid-approved". Even better, when your child grows out of the slide, simply remove it. Our beds are 100% re-configurable.

Maxtrix Giveaway of Low Loft with Slide
Making up a bed is easy with Beddy's zipper bedding. This is a wonderful option for elevated beds as kids can simply zip and go.

How to Enter our Maxtrix Giveaway

Follow along on Instagram or Facebook to see our giveaway post. If you are not on social media, you can comment on this blog post. Enter for a chance to W•I•N a $200 Beddy's® gift card and a Maxtrix Kids Furniture low loft bed WITH slide!! (Valued at $1,099). Total package is right at $1,300! ?

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Queen Beds for Kids, Teens & Guest Bedrooms

We often focus on our twin and full size beds for kids, but as they grow, so will their spacial needs. With the addition of our Queen and XL single beds, now children as well as teens and adults have enough room to stretch out and sleep comfortably. It's all about clean lines on a traditional frame that will never go out of style. Take a look at our Queen Beds for kids rooms and guest quarters.

Queen Beds for Teen & Kids Rooms

We love bunk beds for kids who love sleepovers, but if the room can't accommodate the height our Queen beds are great options for sleeping two. Many kids' rooms also double as guest quarters when family or friends visit, so having a traditional bed in Queen size for your son's or daughter's room may make more sense.

Kids also love small details like finials on the bed ends that create a little character. Choose a taller foot board if you like the finished look and want to kids from rolling off the bed while playing. :)

Do you have older kids in the home? Tweens? Teenagers? Most are ready for bigger beds at that point, and with solid wood construction, pass your Maxtrix Queen bed down to a younger sibling. Our top quality stands the test of time.

Single Bed for Back to School

Queen Beds for Guest Bedrooms

Ready to outfit your guest quarters? Traditional bed designs are timeless, so you'll never have to change this look over time. Simply swap out bedding and decor as desired. Tested to withstand up to 800 pounds, our Queen beds easily accommodate adults.

If you're going for a more sophisticated look, we recommend our lower foot panel. It's a modern approach, creating a very clean design for guest bedrooms.

Finish the Look

If you like what you see, we've created some quick shop links below to get you started. Keep in mind that all of our Queen single beds are available in white, natural and chestnut. There are also a few different bed end styles and heights. Check out all of your options, or shop what you see here:

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Complete the look with night stands and dressers that completely match, creating a furniture set for your guest, teen or kid's room. Or, add under-bed storage to keep the room clutter-free!

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shop white nightstands

shop this under-bed storage

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