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Back to School Furniture Guide: Preschool

Back to School Furniture Guide: Preschool

It seems like everyone in the home gets nervous when it's time for our young toddlers to start preschool. The reality is that they probably handle it better than we do as parents. ;) There are are a few things, however, we can do in the home to help them transition well. Most importantly, let's make su...Read More

Back To School Furniture Guide: Elementary

Back To School Furniture Guide: Elementary

Is your child starting kindergarten? Returning to elementary school (K-5)? We know your emotions are high. This is a new world for them. Mornings seem rushed, homework gets real and evenings seem full. But, this is also a fun time for children with the introduction of s...Read More

Back To School Furniture Guide - Middle to High School

Back To School Furniture Guide - Middle to High School

We've entered the stage of independence! As our children age and become tweens and teens, their personalities have blossomed and they rely less on quality time with family members and more on get togethers with friends or alone time to explore their individuality. We'd like to help you cr...Read More

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If you're searching for a look that fits the play and imagination needs today but leaves you with a sleek, functional loft tomorrow, you're in luck with the Stadium.


High Rise

This freshly designed room is quickly becoming one of our favorite designs for a girl's bedroom. There are so many features that make it pretty, practical and charming.



We know that, typically, kids have small rooms; particularly elementary school aged children. And, while that may seem like a disadvantage, we offer solutions that make their square footage work and even seem bigger!


Top 5 Back to School Beds

Isn't it fun to watch children grow up? Their personalities develop, interests change and so do their needs. As kids (or, need I say parents?) across the country are getting nervous about school starting again, let's embrace the fun aspects of the season.


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